New Brighton Primary School Council Visit Westminster

wal-002Half past six on a Friday morning is very early indeed – but some things are worth setting the alarm clock for. One of those is a school day trip to London, taking in the Natural History Museum, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Miss Keen was one of the staff members from New Brighton Primary school who made it to Lime Street for 6.30am to accompany the school council and head boy and head girl on the trip at the end of February.

She said: “We managed to do so much in one day, it was a really great trip.

“We went straight from Euston to the Natural Hist0ry Museum, then went to look
at Buckingham Palace and in the afternoon went to the Houses of Parliament.”

As well as watching debates on EU membership (House of Commons) and access to cancer drugs (House of Lords), the pupils took part in a classroom~based educational workshop by Parliamentary education officers. Miss Keen added: “The children really seemed to enjoy it and they were really well behaved in the House — they knew they had to be quiet and they were!” In the afternoon, we went to Downing Street and saw the London Eye before coming home. “Everyone was tired on the way home but there was no sleeping on the train !”

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Gorse Millennium Green

wal-037We’re raising £1,000 to Help fund the gorse millennium green community garden in new Brighton all monies raised will help towards the upkeep of this little park

This small community owned park in new Brighton that was originally owned by the water board, who wanted to build houses but the local residents raised a petition to save the gorse in 1999 and the water board said if you raise £90000 in 12 months it’s yours. this was just as the millennium trust came into force and they heard about our plight and instantly donated £50000, so that left the local residents to raise another £40000 and through various means selling off small plots of the land etc. we raised the remaining money in 9 months and this little gem has been ours ever since. a large percentage of the work is done by myself and a couple of neighbours, we have a good selection of wildlife and plants in our garden we try to encourage as much wildlife as possible butterflies bees etc. With help from our local hedgehog rescue we have been able to release 4 hedgehogs to date with the hope of releasing more in the near future. Our small community park relies and survives on donations from the public so your help would be very much appreciated, We are open seven days a week and all our welcome to come and enjoy our little paradise in New Brighton we are situated on Gorsehill road in New Brighton

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Art Project set to make a splash

in New Brightonwal-036

An exciting community art project which celebrates a New Brighton legend has been given the green light.

The Mermaid Trail, which takes its inspiration from the ‘Black Rock Mermaid’, who was said to have appeared to a local sailor in New Brighton in the 18th century, will feature a series of mermaid statues right across the resort, designed by local artists, schools and community groups,

The project is moving forward thanks to a successful bid for £10,935 by the New Brighton Coastal Community Team (NBCCT) to the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund; a grant scheme set up by DONG Energy to benefit voluntary groups and organisations located near to the coastline where it is carrying out the extension to the offshore wind farm.

Work on the mermaids is likely to start in the autumn, with the aim of being installed ready for visitors in or around May 2017.

Cllr TonyJones, Wirral Council’s Pledge Champion for ‘building a vibrant tourism economy’ and Chair of the NBCCT, said: “New Brighton is steeped in maritime history and the revitalised New Brighton is committed to building on this, bringing it back to life even as we look to the future.

“This project will raise awareness of the legend of the Black Rock Mermaid and will bring her story to the attention of the hundreds of thousands of visitors the resort attracts each year. The trail is important to the areas as it will take visitors away from the waterfront areas for a time and introduce them to some of the attractions and unique character that can be found
in different parts of New Brighton.

“The Mermaid Trail will help connect the distinct communities within the New Brighton area and allow us to welcome even greater visitor numbers. The area is already synonymous with community-led creative arts activities and the Trail will further cement
this identity.

“It is an extremely exciting time for everyone connected with the resort and our thanks go to DONG Energy for supporting us with the grant from the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund.”

The plan is for six mermaid statues to be installed in locations across the resort creating a trail around the area.

wal-035Competitions and community events with the trail as a theme are planned and updates on the development of the installation will be promoted on, and, as well as being communicated through social media.

The work ofNew Brighton Coastal Community Team can be found at
Updates about the project can be found on Twitter @wallaseyteam, using the hashtag #MermaidTrail.

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St James’ church; after the spire, what next?

wal-034As you’ve probably noticed, the restoration of St James’ spire is complete and the New Brighton skyline has a new prominent “stripey” feature. The main reason for rebuilding the spire — the tallest in Wirral — was of course to make it safe. But it also enabled many of its decorative features, which had been lost over the years, to be replaced. The parishioners are delighted with the outcome and would like to thank the community of New Brighton for their interest and support, particularly those people who attended
fundraising events. made donations or sponsored new stones.

We would like to think that the restoration of St James’, together with all the work going on at the Dome of Home, is symbolic of the wider regeneration ofour marvellous town.

If you have been inside St James’ church, you will have seen the magnificent wall paintings. These were created by a famous Victorian church artist, Alfred Hemming, and are of a scale and quality which is unsurpassed in any provincial parish church. Do pop in and take a look if you have not seen them before.
Unfortunately they have been deteriorating due to damp coming through the walls and roof. So we must now focus on eradicating the damp and then conserving these magnificent works of art.

So, the fundraising and grant applications will have to continue. There is lots of hard work ahead. But just for a moment. let‘s sit back and enjoy the visual splendour of New Brighton’s stripey new spire!

Richard Wilberforce

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Your Lifeboats

wal-030As you will have seen from the media our historic lifeboat station was temporarily closed by the RNLI on the 21st July following the dismissal of 12 experienced lifeboat crew. This followed a dispute with management since last October during which time 8 wal-033experienced crew resigned.

On the 8th August the station re-opened with only our Atlantic 85 lifeboat operational on a much reduced cadre until the end of summer when a review of the service would be carried out.

So far we have had 27 call outs this year and I thought it appropriate to reflect on some of the recent rescues prior to closure – the full stories are available on the station website — in addition to the RNLI statement about the reasons for the closure.

In April our lifeboat was called to assist a person with a suspected heart attack while on a small vessel in the River.

7th June saw the rescue by hovercraft of two people and dog who were on a sandbank and cut off by the tide.

9th June the hovercraft was involved in a very challenging and successful search for two fishermen lost in dense fog off the Wirral coast with an incoming tide.

21st June an experienced swimmer was caught in a rip current and ended up trapped in the New Brighton lighthouse breakwater by the incoming tide. She was rescued by two lifeboatmen who approached along the breakwater.wal-032

On the 3rd of July our lifeboat was involved in a search of the Rock Channel off from the Wirral coast following a MayDay distress call.

11th July saw the hovercraft and lifeboat called to assist when the Mersey Ferry Royal Iris had gone aground at the start of the Manchester Ship Canal. At the same time an aircraft approaching Speke airport reported difficulties but fortunately landed safely.

On the 19th July the station had what appeared to be a busy and successful Open Day with lots of stalls with all sorts of goodies.shanty songs by The Liverpool Shanty Kings and attendance by The Mayor & Mayoress of Wirral plus our Atlantic 85 lifeboat proudly on display.

wal-03120th July saw the last rescue carried out when a fishing vessel with 2 people on board suffered gearbox failure near to the Rivers
underwater retaining wall.

21st July— RNLI closed down the station and dismissed many of the crew involved in the recent rescues.

This is my last report for Walrus as I have decided to retire as volunteer press officer for the lifeboat station.

This article was written in mid August — my hope is that by the time you read this we will have once again a fully operational lifeboat station with hovercraft and lifeboat manned by experienced crew safeguarding the people of the Wirral and Merseyside.

I hope you have enjoyed the many write ups of the stations activities over recent years.

Bob Warwick, RNLI New Brighton Press Officer


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View from the Other Side

To the residents of New Brighton, the Wirral Coast and Merseyside. We are the crew who have been removed from New Brighton Lifeboat Station as we were not happy with the way the station was being managed. You may hear that it was a dispute over training, we were long passed that prior to the station being shut by the RNLI and putting the lives of those of you who use our beautiful coastline at risk. In a very short period of time the RNLI and station management have caused the loss of over 300 years of life-boating experience, quite simply because they were not prepared to listen to what we, as a crew had to say. 17 out of a crew of
24 at the time signed a grievance stating that we were unhappy with how things were being run and yet it is the majority of those 17 who now find themselves not on call 24/7, doing what we do best…….saving lives at sea. Days before the station was closed we carried out a rescue, the RNLI state in their press releases that we were “operationally ineffective“, wonder if those in the fishing boat that was rescued felt that way?

The lifeboat is not on full service, it will take over 300 years for that to happen. How long are the local public prepared to wait? We would guess not as long as 300 years?

The RNLI is a massive organisation, we are just a few. We would ask you to ask yourselves why you‘ve only heard from the dismissed crew and RNLI Headquarters, nothing from the management who caused this and still remain in post.

The truth will come out. We have the evidence to support the truth.

To Bob Warwick the station press officer our thanks for everything that you’ve done as press officer. You’ve built the profile of the station at New Brighton and been a great friend to the crew. We only hope all your hard work does not go to waste with the mess that has been engineered at the station.

We want the lifeboat back on service as effectively as it was 12 months ago, with experienced, well trained, knowledgeable and passionate crew, who at a moments notice will be there when needed. Our families use our coastline and we want them and you to be safe.

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Friends of Wallasey Central Library Film Club

Dates for 2016 including summer extension

All films start at 6.00pm

23/8/2016 London Season: The Criminal (1960)

8/9/2016 British Seaside Season: The Fruit Machine (1988)

27/9/2016 French Season: Buffet Froid (1979)

11/10/2106 London Season: Blow-Up (1966)

25/10/2106 French Season: Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

8/11/2106 British Seaside Season: Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)

29/11/2106 London Season: Frenzy (1972)

8/12/2106 French Season: Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

20/12/2106 British Seaside Season: Little Voice (1998)

Watch out for dates in the near future including 2 new seasons of classic British films
from the 1960s and World Cinema.

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Holy Apostles & Martyrs Catholic Parish

Serving the communities of New Brighton & Wallasey Village

Parish church — St George’s Road, Wallasey Village

Shrine church — Atherton Street, New Brighton

Over the summer some of our youth attended the International gathering of Young People with the Holy Father, Pope Francis in Krakow for the 31st International World Youth Day; whilst others worked helping the sick for a week during the annual diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes. Now after a refreshing summer break we are now looking forward to committing ourselves afresh to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone!

During the autumn we will be beginning the programme for any children wanting to make their First Holy Communion this year. The autumn also sees the return of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults RCIA, if you or anyone you know is interested in finding out
more about the Christian faith within the Catholic church then watch out for announcements in our weekly newsletter.


Mass times in the parish are as follows:

Sunday Mass times

6pm—Saturday evening



Weekday Mass times

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9.15am (Parish church)

Tuesday 6.45pm (Parish church)

Friday 9.15am (Shrine church)

All are welcome.

To arrange Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals please contact Fr Phil or Fr Michael on 0151 606 4362 or

Don’t forget you can always catch up on all the latest information by checking out our social media: @HAMParish or find us on Facebook.

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New Brighton Community Association

New Brighton Community Association

New Brighton

Community Association

Community Centre

1a Hope Street, New Brighton Wirral CH45 2LN

Tex/Fax: 0151 630 2626 – Registered Charity No: 508310


Help to keep the Community Centre open

By donating on our webslte & Facebook pages

To donate please go to:

Are you an organisation. business looking for premises?

Very competitive prices: £10 hour, we will beat any price!




New Brighton One Stop Shop – is open Monday to Friday from 11am till 3pm. This is a great service
that provides invaluable help for local people right on their doorstep. It also includes a free phone
facility and private rooms with a loop system for those that are hard of hearing, It provides assistance
on all Wirral Borough Council services including the Pension Service, Age Concern 8i the Citizens
Advice Bureau (CAB) which also operates advice surgeries once a week for the Polish Community and
offers them vital assistance.

Credit Union this offers people community loans which are a vital means of support in the present
economic situation and are a very important helping hand for those people seeking work and on low
incomes, particularly those struggling to survive financially. It meets every Tuesday from 10am to

Wirral Pathfinders- Mental Health/Self Help Support Group-This group was established in 1992 to
support people, their family and carers, for whom depression, anxiety and mental health problems
are part of everyday life. it has gone on to help hundreds learn to manage their problems, building up
their self-esteem and confidence, helping them to remove their feelings of isolation. The club meets
every Thursday from 7pm till 9pm and a very warm welcome awaits all those that come along.

Computer Suite — This service offers local residents looking for work, free internet and email
addresses. It is a valuable resource where residents can get help putting together CVs, job
applications. advice on free travel and searching for jobs. They can also enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and
seek the assistance of the ICT Facilitator should they have any problems or need further advice.
Residents can also scan docu ments, use the photocopier or fax.

Police Surgery is held every Monday morning from 10am till 12pm for residents experiencing
problems with anti social behaviour and other associated problems.

Computer Class the clubs aims to help people with all aspects of computing including smart phones
and tablets, held every Monday from 7pm till 10pm.

Art Classes— Every Monday 1pm till 3pm (on a break at the moment and will start again in the first
week of September). Accent on enjoyment rather than talent. Tuition at all levels, all materials
provided. Phone Iris for more details on: 638 8472.

AA-Alcoholics Anonymous– Every Tuesday morning 11am.

An Introduction to Buddhist Mediation – Everyone welcome — no experience necessary, suggested
donating £3 per session—Every Friday morning 11:30— 12:30

Pilates class-every Thursday 1pm—2pm

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Events at Wallasey Central Library

bring along your donations for the Book Sale. All proceeds will go to the library.

SATURDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER 10-12pm. LOCAL HISTORY QUIZ Individuals, not teams.

along and help to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

MONDAY 10th OCTOBER 10-12pm WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY to include Merseyside
and Counselling 8: Therapy Centre (MCTC) display for Auction on
Thursday 13th October 6-8pm.

Mince pies, Coffee, with ’Singme Merseyside’ Choir.

FRIDAY 9TH DECEMBER loam-12 noon Christmas Coffee morning
with Magills plants for sale


Library (Tickets £5 available from all Central Libraries) Well-known Poet John Hegley —
‘An interactive performance for anyone over eight years (no height restriction) by
southern man, with mandolin and many words‘

Also, to include the launch of The Chris Salmon Poetry Competition.

MONDAY 3rd OCTOBER 6-7.30pm OPEN MIC EVENT at Birkenhead Central Library. Come
along to read your own Poetry out! All ages welcome.

TUESDAY 4TH OCTOBER 6-7.30pm OPEN MIC EVENT at West Kirby Library.

Come along to read your own Poetry out! All ages welcome.

THURSDAY 6TH OCTOBER 6-7.30pm NATIONAL POETRY DAY at Wallasey Central Library.
Readings from, David .I Costello Angela Topping and Sheila Templeton.

This will be a North West England book launch for the poets, who are being published by
Red Squirrel Press.

(Synopsis) Anagramical Transposition: A Dramatised Re-lnterpretation Of The Work and
Life of Sylvia Plath at Bebington Library. (Tickets £4 concessions £3)

2.15 — 3.30pm Children’s Poetry Workshop
A fun afternoon exploring how to write about your house, your street, your town. What
was there long ago? What stories are hidden in its history?

3.45 — 4.30pm Poetry Reading for all ages
Come and join in the fun by reading either your own or a favourite poem

For more information, please contact Wallasey Central Library 0151 639 2334 (Elaine or Kath)

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Emmanuel Church of England

Seabank Road (opposite Flying Dutchman)

Weekly Services Sundays at 9.30am

Communion on 1st& 3rd Sunday in month; Morning Prayer on 2nd &4th

Thursdays at 9.30am —Communion
Special Services

  • Sunday 25th Sept, 9‘303m Children’s Harvest Festival
  • Sunday 23rd Oct, 9.30am Children‘s Church Parade
  • Sunday 13th Nov, 9.303m Remembrance Sunday
  • Sunday 27th Nov, 9.30am Children’s Church Parade

December (to be confirmed)

  • Sunday 4th at 4pm ChristmasTree Decorating Service
  • Sunday 18th at 9.30am Children’s Nativity Play
  • Saturday 24th at4pm Children’s Christingle Service
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The Magazine Conservation Area

It is sixteen years since proposals were submitted to declare the Magazines Area of Wallasey a Conservation Area which by definition recognises the historical and architectural elements which make our Area special.

In Wirral there are twenty six Conservation Areas including several historic villages and other areas which make Wirral unique.

It is not difficult to see why the Magazines are included with its wide promenade, the beautiful Vale Park, and its links to Merseyside’s maritime past through the gunpowder magazines and fortress.

Over the summer all residents and businesses located within the Conservation Area boundary received a copy of the leaflet “Living in a Conservation Area produced by Conservation Areas Wirral, the forum representing the interests of the Communities living
in Conservation Areas.

The leaflet was designed to remind everyone ofthe advantages and pleasures of living in a specially recognised area, and also to encourage people to not only enjoy the area, but appreciate their obligation, and the planning regulations, set out to maintain and
preserve the nature of the Conservation Areas for future generations.

Conservation Areas on the Wirral are regulated by Wirral Borough Council and a specially appointed Conservation Officer can give advice to residents or can be contacted by visiting

Conservation Areas Wirral is a voluntary organisation which can also provide guidance —

If anyone living in the Area is keen to join an informal working group to represent local views on the Magazines and its future promotion and development please contact Paul Wilson on 0151 630 2225 or Vicki Hall on 0151 639 7292.

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Friends of Wirral Archives

The Liverpool Medical Institution always gets interest from people living on the Wirral during Heritage Open Days, so I have been asked to advertise it to our Friends Group.*

The Liverpool Medical Institution (114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5SR) is one of the oldest medical societies in the world, tracing its origins to the founding of the Liverpool Medical Library in 1779. The present Grade II* listed building dates from 1837.

As part of Heritage Open Days there will be tours of the old building of the LMI, including the Lecture Theatre, Council Room and Library. An outstanding collection of medical books, journals and artefacts in a unique library setting. Steep yourself in 200 years of medical history as you explore the wonderful building, discover Liverpool medical pioneers and visit the magnificent Victorian Lecture Theatre.

The tour lasts approximately one hour, and is not suitable for children under 16.


  • Saturday 10 September: Tour 1000, 12.00 8t 14.00 (max 15 people per tour)
  • Pre-booking required — contact: Sue Curbishley on 0151 709 9125 or
  • Booking closes 9 September 2016 12:00
  • Wheelchair access is at the rear of the building via the car park entrance.
  • Directions: the LMI is opposite Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and next door to the Everyman Theatre.

Regards, William Meredith

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Wirral Older People’s Parliament

Canon Roy Lawrence writes :

In the last edition of Walrus we looked together at a selection of our local problems and since then some of you have told me about other concerns which you have. There will always be space for them if you write to our editor, Rusty Keane.

We also have a great opportunity in this magazine to express real appreciation for the many ways in which you and I are fortunate to live here. I can never understand why so many people seem addicted to life in the overcrowded South of England, where the folk have none of the opportunities which we have to enjoy miles of open coastline or acres of open sky, as they drink their recycled water and breathe their recycled air. If that’s the way they like it, good luck to them, but surely it leaves us counting our blessings in Wirral.

There are lots of those blessings. One of lies in the existence of our Wirral Older People’s Parliament (WOPP for short), which is well known throughout the nation. It meets once a quarter in the Town Hall and is designed to enhance the lives for those who are in their more mature years, though younger people are also welcome and nobody is ever turned away. You do not have to be elected. Just turn up—whatever your age.

It gives a voice to those who might otherwise be voiceless. A stream of letters go out to cabinet ministers and other national figures making sure that those who govern us really do know our concerns. You would be surprised how often there is a considered reply.

We also send representatives to meet with those who exercise influence at a local level – the Mayor, the Chief Executive of the Council, the Director of Public Health and others in the Town Hall and elsewhere.

There is no reason why you should not be personally involved. You will discover that as long as we work together we can have an enhanced capacity to achieve a wide range of aims and objectives , as for instance when we campaigned against the introduction of parking charges in New Brighton.

Public meetings are arranged on matters like Housing and Nursing and Crime. The aim is to enhance understanding of real problems and press for action wherever it is needed. Why not find out more? Just phone the WOPP office at 632 5170 and have a chat with Jules or Brian or Terry. You will find them very friendly and approachable and they will be delighted to give you the dates and times when the Parliament will next meet and about any other events and meetings which are being arranged. You may be surprised how much influence you personally could come to have. Don‘t miss out on the opportunity.

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Merseyside Police

police-001I am Beckie Clarke your New Brighton Police Community Support Officer, part of your neighbourhood team based at
Wallasey Police Station.

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer. As a neighbourhood we have continued to remain busy providing high visibility
patrols in your area, preventing crime and giving reassurance to victims of crime! ‘

I am pleased to say that we have not had many reports of anti-social behaviour in the New Brighton area this summer so far. This is because of residents, businesses and partner agencies working together. As a neighbourhood we would like to thank you all for your continued support.

We have had a few reports of thefts from vehicles. Remember to make sure your vehicle is secure and all valuables are removed.

There have been recent reports of up to two males posing as window cleaners asking residents for money under false pretences in the Wallasey areas Please remain vigilant and look out for vulnerable neighbours. Do not hand over money to anybody unless you are sure they are legitimate and have adequate paperwork to prove this. As a neighbourhood we are actively seeking information on these individuals and will follow up any enquiries. High visibility presence is continuing in the area.

During the school holidays we have been engaging with local youths and organising diversionary activities, these include Tracs in Delamere Forest, Awesome Walls in Liverpool and more locally paddle boarding with SupWirral in Marine Lake. This has all been funded with no extra cost to the youths. They have proved a success and we hope to be able to organise other diversionary
activities in the future months.

The second ofwal-026 the Life-saving defibrillator cabinets funded by a grant from Wirral Council & Magenta Living ‘Your Wirral’
scheme has been installed in New Brighton thanks to the combined efforts of New Brighton PCS&TO’s, North West Ambulance Service, RNLI New Brighton & Promenade Estates. Rob Hussey, NWAS Community Resuscitation Manager for Cheshire and Merseyside said: “The speed of access to a defibrillator is vital when someone is suffering a cardiac arrest and getting the right care immediately can dictate whether someone lives or dies.

“That is why we are delighted to support this important community initiative by providing and maintaining the AED’s, which have been placed outside the RNLI Lifeboat station, opposite the Travelodge at Marine Point, the New Brighton Community Centre and at the Derby Pool restaurant in Wallasey. NWAS will also provide training in how to use a defibrillator for local businesses and those within the New Brighton community free of charge in August. However, these machines are truly little life-savers and absolutely anyone can use them as they talk you through the process and no clinical training is required.” Another public accessible defibrillator has also been installed at the iconic Shrine Church of St‘s Peter, Paul and St Philemona in New Brighton as part of the British Heart Foundation ‘Nation of Lifesavers’ campaign If you not have already done so, please sign up to MerseyNow to receive crime notifications and community news in your area. This is quick and easy to do at

For updates and crime prevention advice please see

Emergency Number 999 Non-Emergency 101

To report any information about crime anonymously please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800555111 or visit

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Operation Christmas Child

OCC is the world’s largest children‘s Christmas project and is a Christian organisation. Each shoebox is an unconditional gift, given to a child with nothing asked for, or expected in return; no pledges, no obligation to go to church or attend classes; ’no strings attached’. OCC UK have never put Christian literature into shoeboxes before they are shipped. Where appropriate, the local church or Christian partner distributing the shoeboxes may issue a free copy of a Christian booklet, which contains Bible stories, including an explanation of the true meaning of Christmas. No-one is obliged to take this booklet. It is given to a child with their shoebox, not inside it; the only person opening shoeboxes after UK warehouse checks are completed is the child (a very special feeling for those of us who check boxes!).

Many of the churches on Wirral are already actively involved in OCC. If you attend a church that does not participate, perhaps you could encourage them to think about getting involved this year. It is a fantastic way of reaching out to people in your own community and to those in need overseas.

Do you have a child or children at school? If so, please ask if the school will be “doing boxes” this year when the children go back to school. shoeboxes bring joy to both the giver and receiver whether you are 3 or 103 and you do not need to take them to a school —there will be drop off points throughout the Wirral. Any church that is participating will be happy to take your box along with their own.

Last year the people of Wirral filled over 10,000 boxes with gifts which were sent to Ukraine -can we beat this in 2016? It is never too early to start collecting (or making) gifts. If you are not sure what to include, think of it as a Christmas stocking, filled with gifts that are fun and/or practical. Look out for bargains in the local shops and supermarkets — particularly as the seasons change. Try to include something from each of the following categories:

  • Paper and pens/pencils—always a big hit and may enable a child to go to school as in some countries they must provide their own stationary.
  • Some small toys e.g. a ball, a doll, a car, puzzles, games, kites, jewellery, craft kits
  • A hat (and/or scarf/gloves)
  • Hygiene items (toothbrush & paste, soap & flannel)
  • And of course a small cuddly toy (even for the older boys).

Lots of small gifts are more fun than one or two multipacks! Home made items are brilliant — but must not be stuffed (customs requirements!).

  • A card (home-made is lovely) and/or photo — the children really want to know who cares so much about them.
  • Some packets of sweets, no chocolate please (all dated end of March 2017 or later).
  • Last, but not least a £3 donation (or you can pay online) for transportation —this is really essential!

You can find out more about the organisation by visiting the OCC website (—christmas-chiId/). You can also visit the OCC Facebook page – where you will find ideas and encouragement.
If you would like to know more about OCC on the Wirral, contact me on 07955383692 (leave a message and I’ll get back to you) or

Patricia Hardman

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Friends of Vale Park . Vale House JMC . Save the Gorse . Reclaim the Quarry . Tower Action Group . Riverside Housing . Ball Ave Homewatch . Wellington Rd Cons. Area . N.B.T.A.B.A. . B.R.A.V.O. . St. James/Emmanuel . Wallasey Civic Society . Portland Court . Sandrock Galleries . Grennan Residents . R.N.L.I. . N.B. Action Group . Fort Perch Rock . Victoria Parade . N.B. Community Association . St. Andrews Church . Penkett Road Area Action Group . Waterloo Road . Magazine Brow Conservation Area . Faith House . St. Peter & Pauls . Marine Lake . Merseyside Police . 3B's Partnership . Primrose Court . Field Road Action Group . Merseyside Cycling Campaign . New Brighton Cycling Club .