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Money course is a credit to the church, says community
New Brighton Baptist welcomed a church course aimed at helping people weather the economic downturn.

Three sessions on money management were run by the Church, over the last few weeks and they proved so popular the course is set to be repeated.

CAP Money is a course devised by charity Christians Against Poverty which trains churches to help people learn how to set a household budget and stick to it.

It challenges people to live without relying on credit cards, tackle existing financial problems and save for a stable future.

It has been found to be useful for all ages from newly retired people, to soon-to-be students, families saving for a forthcoming wedding and people with loans and debts who want to get straight.

One of the recent course goers in New Brighton said: “It’s such a great
system. It really does take the guess work out of managing your money.
“I’d like to thank New Brighton Baptist Church for putting this on and say to
anyone else, do CAP Money. It’s just three evenings but gives you a great
peace of mind and I really enjoyed the discussions, refreshments and chat.

“We’re glad to say we’ll be repeating CAP Money from Wednesday 23rd May 2012 so we’d urge you to get in touch if you’re wanting to bring some order to your finances.”

  • To find out more about CAP Money or to book your place visit or telephone Shirley on 07816563688

About CAP Money – the debt prevention course
CAP Money is the pro-active educational arm of the charity. It is sometimes
run by the centres that do debt counselling but mostly the courses are run by
churches where congregations want to do something to empower people to
fight poverty before it hits.

CAP Money isn’t for people with debts (though they can be catered for). It’s
for everyone – students to the newly retired, single people and for
families because we’ve seen that learning how to set a budget and
stick to it helps to debt-proof people in the long term. There are more
than 800 churches in the UK delivering CAP Money in their locality.
If you would like to send a reporter to go on the three session course as
the basis for a great newsy feature, please get in touch. They will
be challenged to live without a credit card, see how they could
save and more.
About Christians Against Poverty
Christians Against Poverty is a home-grown debt counselling charity which is
determined to reduce poverty in the UK caused by debt.
CAP Money is three hours spread over three weeks to debt-proof people’s
finances. It gives people tools to ensure they get their bills paid as a priority,
save for the future and know what their disposable income actually is. More
than 1,000 churches across the uk are now running the course.


CAP partners its financial expertise with the care of the local church to offer
free debt help and a solution to people through 190 debt help centres. The
fast-growing charity intends to have a debt-counselling CAP centre in 500
towns and cities across the UK by 2015. For more about CAP see
For further information contact CAP’s National PR Manager Marianne Clough
or telephone 01274 761924
Find us on Twitter and Facebook @CAPuk @CAPmoneyuk