New Brighton TV



New Brighton Online TV has a new web site showing videos of events happening in the New Brighton, Wallasey area.


The aim of the site is to record, edit and to show events in an informative and enjoyable way. The videos may be of interest to those perhaps who where not able to attend an event and for those just to remember.


The site will be updated once a month showing videos of that months events. The site is evolving and will change, hopefully for the better, as the months go on.


A new front page is to be added and will include space for showing videos of weddings, christening etc happening in the area. So if you want your event filming, free of charge, and a small video clip putting on the site ring 07963 560 951 and ask for Fred.


There will also be space to advertise your business at a cost of £20 per month.


If there is anything you want to be included on the site ring the number above or email


Friends of Vale Park . Vale House JMC . Save the Gorse . Reclaim the Quarry . Tower Action Group . Riverside Housing . Ball Ave Homewatch . Wellington Rd Cons. Area . N.B.T.A.B.A. . B.R.A.V.O. . St. James/Emmanuel . Wallasey Civic Society . Portland Court . Sandrock Galleries . Grennan Residents . R.N.L.I. . N.B. Action Group . Fort Perch Rock . Victoria Parade . N.B. Community Association . St. Andrews Church . Penkett Road Area Action Group . Waterloo Road . Magazine Brow Conservation Area . Faith House . St. Peter & Pauls . Marine Lake . Merseyside Police . 3B's Partnership . Primrose Court . Field Road Action Group . Merseyside Cycling Campaign . New Brighton Cycling Club .