Sand Replenishment Proposal

Two Million Tonnes of Sand for New Brighton and Egremont.

By John Lamb


In 2006 the Westminster Dredging Company placed one and a half million tonnes of sand on to Bournemouth’s beaches in just six weeks; this ‘beach nourishment’ scheme cost £4 million. The same company dredges a million tonnes of sand a year from the Mersey shipping channels and … dumps it in the Irish Sea! Is this the best option? Can we recreate golden dry sand beaches between New Brighton and Egremont, using two million tonnes of a ‘waste product’ and who could have the resources and incentive to do it?


The Peel Group own the Mersey Docks Company, who in turn employs Westminster Dredging to dredge the Mersey. A new beach would lie directly opposite the Peel Group’s proposed £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters Development giving it a stunning beach and river setting. Nearer home, a higher drier sand beach would again connect the river to the promenade, allow access for thousands and look fantastic! Existing sea defences should keep the sand in place. How much would this cost? ….the answer must be …. nothing! It has to be a mutually beneficial agreement between Wirral Council and the Peel Group and hopefully communication has been initiated.


Success involves allaying any concerns and putting a massive jigsaw together, and one missing piece will result in failure. One of those vital pieces is the support of New Brighton and Egremont residents.


Please write to me if you require a booklet outlining my proposals, or email me and I shall forward a Powerpoint attachment. Alternatively the booklet can be viewed at the Heritage Centre in Victoria Road.




John lamb 29 Primrose Road, Allerton, Liverpool L182HE