Monthly Archive: March 2013

New Brighton Online TV



New Brighton Online TV is having a complete makeover.


New Brighton Online TV is not available on site at the moment as it is being redesigned to be more user friendly and include more items of interest.


There will still be a chance to have your wedding or christening filmed, free of charge, and a small video clip putting on the site. So ring 07963 560 951 and ask for Fred.


If you want space to advertise your business at a cost of £20 per month get in touch.


If there is anything you want to be included on the site ring the number above or email


Emmanuel Church



[ opposite The Flying Dutchman ]



          SUNDAY at 9.30am with Sunday School.

     THURSDAY at 9.30am.



March 10   9.30am   Mothering Sunday Family Service.

March 24   9.30am   Palm Sunday Family Service with

                                   the Uniformed Organisations.

March 29   10-1pm  Good Friday Childrens’ Workshop.

March 31   9.30am   Easter Sunday Communion.



10.30 to 12.30      Coffee is served in the Annexe at the front of the church and the Church is open for prayer.


“All the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever were built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings and queens that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of mankind on this earth as powerfully as has that one solitary life.”     Anon

Scout Post

Wirral Scout and Guide Charity Christmas Post

 On Tuesday 5th February at Wallasey Town Hall the Mayor presented another £26,000 to another thirteen charities, bringing the total donated in this, our 31st year, to over £540,000.

In those 31 years over 250 Wirral Charities have benefited.

We would like to thank the hundreds of shops and shopkeepers who sell the stamps, the ‘must be’ thousands of Scouts and Guides and brothers and sisters and parents who deliver over half a million Christmas cards each year, but, especially, you the general public for buying our stamps each year and using your local Wirral Scouts and Guides Charity Christmas Post.

Help Scouts and Guides to Help Others


Skydive in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

On the 24th March my daughter Deborah is doing a skydive, in Lancaster, with three of her collegues from St. Mary’s Catholic College, in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

Most of the people in Merseyside and the Wirral are indebted to this hospital for the care they have shown a loved one.  Deb is doing the skydive in memory of her Nan, Florence Quine, who with the help of Clatterbridge Hospital fought cancer for six years.

To enable her to do the dive, with her collegues, they all need to raise £400 each for the charity.  They are doing this mainly by sponsorship, both on sponsor forms and on the organisers website  The more sponsors they get the more money the charity will receive, so I am hoping that by advertising the skydive more sponsors will come forward.

Any help you could give her would be very much appreciated and would help to raise funds for a very dedicated charity.
Many thanks
Barbara Murphy