Skydive in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

On the 24th March my daughter Deborah is doing a skydive, in Lancaster, with three of her collegues from St. Mary’s Catholic College, in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

Most of the people in Merseyside and the Wirral are indebted to this hospital for the care they have shown a loved one.  Deb is doing the skydive in memory of her Nan, Florence Quine, who with the help of Clatterbridge Hospital fought cancer for six years.

To enable her to do the dive, with her collegues, they all need to raise £400 each for the charity.  They are doing this mainly by sponsorship, both on sponsor forms and on the organisers website  The more sponsors they get the more money the charity will receive, so I am hoping that by advertising the skydive more sponsors will come forward.

Any help you could give her would be very much appreciated and would help to raise funds for a very dedicated charity.
Many thanks
Barbara Murphy