Wirral Food Bank

Wirral Food Bank
We’d like to thank all the very generous people who have donated food to the Wirral Food bank at the New Brighton Heritage and Information Centre at 90 Victoria Road.
We are still collecting for this worthy cause so please bring your donations along. They are collected by the Food Bank every week..
  • since starting in November 2011 68 ton of food had been donated by the community
  • 54 ton of food has been distributed to families and individuals, who have found themselves in financial crisis across Wirral
  • 2,342 children and 3,721 adults have been fed
  • we have 13 centres across Wirral giving out the food and signposting people to other help and advice they need
  • we work in partnership with 64 front-line agencies
  • we now have over 100 volunteers working in various areas of the food bank