Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Litter

Love it or hate it, we all create litter; it’s part of the modern world we live in.  We argue about it, we write about it, we blame supermarkets and fast food outlets for it.  But what most of us don’t do, is leave it on New Brighton’s beaches.  But a significant minority do just that.  After a good day out at Wirral’s premier seaside resort, they think nothing about simply abandoning the detritus of their fun and food filled frolics on the sand, among the rocks or along the promenade.

What to do?  We can moan that there are not enough bins, we can moan that the council has not cleared it up fast enough, we can walk on the beach tut tutting at the mess, or… we can be proactive and do something about it.  Which is what some New Brighton beach-lovers are doing.

One group, led by Paul Roberts, meet at specific times, and another group, started by Dave & Jan Peddie, is made up of people who are willing to litter pick when simply going for a walk.  Both were officially launched in August at the Olive Tree Bistro, Victoria Road (big thanks to Leanne!).  The Wirral Coastal Rangers are also supporting this initiative by providing pickers and heavy duty rubbish bags.

Whichever way we look at it, litter is everyone’s problem, but it’s easy to be a part of the solution.

If you are interested in helping to keep New Brighton’s beaches litter free and healthy for us all to use, and to be involved in one of the groups contact:

Paul Roberts:
Dave Peddie: