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Memorial to HMS Birkenhead

Memorial to HMS Birkenhead and the maritime disaster call of ‘Women and Children First’

I thought you would be interested in the story about a new and important maritime memorial
in Birkenhead brought about through the tireless efforts of one of our crew – Andy Liston

Bob Warwick
RNLI New Brighton Press Officer

NBCA Hire Information


Community Association

Community Centre

1a Hope Street, New Brighton Wirral CH45 2LN

Tel: 0151 630 2626 – Fax: 0151 639 1291

Registered Charity No: 508310


Are you looking for a place to hire for your activity or business?

Very competitive rates

Great Facilities (with kitchen, disabled toilets)

Computer Suite (with interactive smartboard)

Training Rooms

3 Floors with lift

Just pop in or visit our website

Easter @ New Brighton Baptist Church

Easter 2014 @ New Brighton Baptist Church
Thursday 17th April Maundy Service @ 7pm
Friday 18th April Good Friday Service @ 11am
Sunday 20th April Easter Celebration @ 11am
All Welcome
As we think about Easter and all that it means let me just ask you a question…Do you consider yourself to be a good person?
Most people do. However, most of us differ as to the definition of “good.”
The Bible says that God is good, and the Ten Commandments are His standard of goodness.
With an honest heart, ask yourself if you have obeyed the following:
You shall not commit adultery. (Even fancied someone else’s husband or wife)
You shall not steal. (Have you ever stolen anything? the value of the item is irrelevant).
You shall not lie. (Have you lied even once? Including answering these questions).
You shall not covet. (Have you ever jealously desired what belongs to others?)
The Bible says that God will punish all murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, adulterers, etc.
He will even judge our words and thoughts.
On Judgment Day, will you be found to be guilty or innocent of breaking His commandments?
Perhaps you think that God is good, and will therefore overlook your sins.
But it is His goodness that will make sure that murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, etc. receive justice.
He would be a corrupt Judge if He turned a blind eye to injustice. Have you kept the Commandments?
God Himself made a way where His justice and His goodness could meet.
We broke the Law, but He became a man to pay the fine. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to satisfy the Law. God can forgive us and grant us the gift of everlasting life! That’s what we celebrate at Easter and we can know that forgiveness right know.
When Jesus said to “believe” on Him, He was saying we should have faith in Him, in the same way you would trust a parachute to save you when you jump from a plane. You don’t merely believe in the parachute – you put it on. Please don’t “jump” without Jesus. If you die in your sins there is no second chance. God will give you justice, and you will end up in Hell forever.
Think about it this Easter time…and if you want to know more come along anytime and find out what God has done for you
Every Blessing
New Brighton Bapist Church

Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch is a scheme to empower local residents to tackle speeding issues and to address concerns raised about speeding traffic. The scheme enables volunteers to work within their community and to assist Merseyside Police. It is designed to educate drivers and encourage them to reduce their speed. Speedwatch is complimentary to, but does not replace existing police enforcement activity.

Community Speedwatch is NOT a speed enforcement scheme, it is about taking positive action and working in partnership, helping to improve the overall safety and quality of life for everyone in the community. The main objective is to secure a measurable reduction in inappropriate vehicle speeds. This will in turn reduce the recorded number of collisions on our roads and the overall long-term objective is and to reduce the number of adults and children killed or seriously injured on both urban and rural roads each year.


If you are interested in taking part in Community Speedwatch, please contact:

Mrs Carol Hankey,

Extended Police Family Area Coordinator,

The Old Court House,

Manor Road,














My name is Dave Crowley and I’m a Community Support Officer, working for Merseyside Police. I would recommend that everyone register their property with “IMMOBILISE”, the National Property Register web-service, this is a free for everyone to register on-line. If you don’t have a computer, please contact a member of your neighbourhood team and they can add items for you. Essentially IMMOBILISE is a modern version of a document fire safe, however information is stored digitally on a secure computer, away from your home and accessible by you from anywhere in the world. It’s a very simple system to use. In the comfort of your own home and at your leisure, you enter the details of items that you and your family own into a basic template, which then gets saved securely and away from prying eyes. For further details please see the link on the Merseyside Police Website –

RNLI New Brighton

lifeboatmanInterview with Tony Jones the chairman of the lifeboat station and heads up the Management group who oversea the different facets of stations life covering the financial side, fundraising, sea safety and publicity.

Q: How important do you think the station is to safety on the Mersey?

New Brighton lifeboat station is intrinsic to the safety of all who use or sail on the Mersey in a professional or recreational capacity. This is clearly demonstrated by the extensive number of service calls during 2013 numbering 68. Lets not forget that our lifeboat and hovercraft crews are on call 24/7 365 days a year and all are volunteers. We are the only RNLI lifeboat station to cover the Port of Liverpool and Liverpool Airport.

Q:What are the costs involved in running the station each year?

Running costs for a station like ours are in the region of £100,000 per year and that does not include capital costs for our equipment or refit after our flood in the December storm.

Q: How can people support you most effectively?

First and foremost financially – many of the public may not be aware that we are a charity and we do not receive any regular state support or subsidy and we like it that way. It does however mean that fundraising for us is a high priority.

 80% of our lifeboat launches take place at the Victoria slipway – just past the Floral Pavilion and we are often hindered by people trying to park along the main road. Considerate and legal parking especially during the busy summer months would be a great help.

 A great benefit to us would be for people using the coast and sea to take notice of advice on notice boards and warning signs, getting weather forecasts and tide information.

 If going to sea ensure you have appropriate training for your activity, carry at least basic safety kit like lifejacket, waterproof clothing, torch, spare food etc. Be able to summon help ideally with VHF radio and know how to use it or at a minimum a fully charged and waterproofed mobile phone and flares. Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Ensure your craft is fit for purpose eg: engine is reliable and serviced and battery fully charged plus spares and most importantly sufficient fuel for your journey and a substantial reserve.

 Many of the people we rescue are unprepared for the conditions faced or suffer equipment failure with inadequate backup.

 Tony ended saying ‘ 2013 clearly demonstrates to me a total selfless commitment not only from our lifeboat and hovercraft crew but all our station volunteers without whom non of our remarkable achievements would have been reached ‘


New Brighton Online TV

The idea for New Brighton Online TV started whilst on the last year of my film degree at Liverpool John Moores University in 2012. We decided the web site, when I graduated, would be a base for my freelance work as a short film and video maker. The site was going to include advertising space but that did not materialise.

The site is stand-alone and the host company is Easyspace Ltd. They look after the site while it’s on the world wide web, they make sure it’s up there and people can see it. They also give me feedback, that is they let me know how many people are looking at the site and where those people live, by country that is. At the moment there are about 4,000 to 17,000 hits a month. A hit is when someone has clicked on the site including if they have clicked more than once. I do pay Easyspace for their hosting work but I have managed to absorb this into the business.

My work takes me all over the Merseyside area, not every day, not even every week, doing corporate, private and commercial videos. Most of the work has been in Liverpool. I have filmed with other companies and on my own but one thing is certain I have improved from the time I started. It can be hard work especially if the shoot lasts a full day and you are on your feet and on the go. The time consuming part is the editing. If the filming has lasted a day then the editing could take two maybe four to five days.

nbtv1 nbtv2nbtv3

I also have a Vimeo account. Vimeo can be described as a posh Youtube site. It is used to put clients videos up in a private capacity. The client is given a password so only they can view the film or they can ask to have it public for others to watch.

I have had my Youtube site for some time now and there are a lot of my old videos on it. An improvement can be seen from the first ones to some of the latest on the site.

Almost everyone has a Facebook page and so to does New Brighton Online TV. The page was started just to go along with the web site but now it is taking over. If I make a video, especially the community ones, people ask will it go on Facebook, can I put it on Facebook. Of cause I can and I do.

Go to one of these addresses and have a look at the videos.

New Brighton Online TV address:-

Vimeo address:-

Youtube address:-

Facebook page:-

(For Facebook go to the top of a Facebook page and type in New Brighton Online TV)

The Wallasey Folk & Acoustic Club

Welcome to ‘The Wallasey Folk & Acoustic Club’
Run by a host of Residents:- George & Gill Peckham, Kathy Runswick, Bernie Thomas, Jim Pearson, John Williams & Alan Ainsworth.
We are based at The Wallaseyans’ Club, 140 Grove Road, Wallasey CH45 0JF.
Every Sunday evening the Folk club opens it’s doors in ‘The Green Room’ at 8pm for an 8.30 start.
Entrance is free, except for Guest nights where there is a £7 entry to pay towards the artists.
If you like to listen to and participate in folk/ other acoustic music, or you want to perform yourself in a friendly  atmostphere, then this is where you should be on a Sunday evening!
There are monthly Guest nights, occasional Residents’ nights, and most frequently performers’ nights where everybody who wants to perform is encouraged to do so in a warm, friendly and supportive club.
At present the club is running a talent competition on Sunday nights along side the singers nights. The winner will be announced on May 4th at the final. The prize is ;- doing a guest night with prize money & also will be singing/performing at ‘Folk in the Park’ on 1st June!
Our last guests in February were ‘The Jones Family Band’, a superb evening was had. So much talent in one family Brian Jones on guitar & vocals, his wife Helen vocals, daughters Laura vocals, Sam vocals & bass guitar & son Andrew vocals, guitar & mandolin all producing such wonderful harmonies. Brian & Laura often sang duets & solos. A wonderful time was had, with lots of audience participation in the chorus’s.
Our next guests are :-
23rd March are ‘Rag Mama Rag’, Ashley & Deborah Dow are one of Europes finest Country Blues acts. We are delighted to be included on their brief UK tour. They have been touring non stop for the last 10 years in Europe, playing at many major festivals in France, Belgium & Germany, clocking up over 2000 concerts, a night not to be missed! They create an exceptionally full & hard rhythmic sound which soon has audiences feet tapping!
They have a wide range of instruments. Their repertoire is 20s & 30s Blues based. They will be fronted by our guest host, the well known  and very accomplished, Roger Parker.
On 27th April our guests are Gary Edward Jones Band. A recently formed band, but one with an excellent pedigree. Gary Edward Jones has put an amazing band together consisting of himself on vacals & guitar, Skeet Williams an amazing guitarist, & Oskar South on the double base. The band are releasing a cd in March & will be on tour over the next few months. A wealth of original material & wonderful musicianship. They will be hosted by Residents George & Gill Peckham.
The Wallasey Folk & Acoustic Club also run a few ‘Folk in the Park’ Sunday afternoons in Vale Park Bandstand,New Brighton which have been run by the club for over 30 years. It is always a super FREE afternoon, especially if the sun shines, & free deckchairs! Dates up to now are 20th April -Easter Sunday and Sunday 1st June starting at 1pm-5pm ish!!
For more information about the club have a look at our website

Choral Pavilion


Spring Performance in the Blue Lounge at the Floral Pavilion
on Tuesday 8th April at 1 pm.
It’s a fun choir which includes popular 60’s songs,African and Maori songs sung in Acapella.

Easter Services

St JAMES CHURCH with EMMANUEL, Parish of New Brighton

Lent & Easter Services at St James Church– Albion St, New Brighton



5th March(Ash Wednesday) 7.30 pm – Holy Communion

7th March (Friday) Women’s World Day of Prayer 7.30 pm – Informal Service

30th March (Mothering Sunday) 8.00 am – Holy Communion(BCP)

11.00 am – No Service

6th April 8.00 am – Holy Communion (BCP)

11.00 am – Morning Prayer

13th April (Palm Sunday) 11.00 am – Holy Communion

6.30 pm – Choral Evensong



7.30 pm – Stainer’s “Crucifixion” a Sacred

Cantata sung by the Choir of St James (free entry)


20th April EASTER DAY8.00 am – Holy Communion (BCP)

11.00 am – Holy Communion


27th April 11.00 am – Holy Communion


Lent & Easter Services at Emmanuel Church – Seabank Rd, New Brighton

30th March (Mothering Sunday) 9.30 am – Holy Communion

(Joint Service with St James)

6th April 9.30 am –HolyCommunion

13th April (Palm Sunday) 9.30 am – Morning Prayer

20th April EASTER DAY9.30 am – Holy Communion

27th April 9.30 am – Morning Prayer/Parade Service


Thursday (weekly) 9.30am – Holy Communion

Canon Revd. Frank Cain

St James Vicarage

14 Albion Street

New Brighton

CH45 9LF Tele:0151 639 5844


St James Restoration Project


Last year saw the launch of the St James’ Church restoration appeal, “inSpire”, in the autumn edition of Walrus. The first article outlined the history of St James and its importance to the community of New Brighton. It also summarised the aims and intentions of the restoration project which, in the long-term will benefit New Brighton as a whole.

The restoration project for St James Church in Albion Street is about to enter a new phase.

If an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, which was submitted at the end of February, is successful it will allow the next stage of plans to go ahead towards the rebuilding and cleaning of the magnificent spire. It is this spire that stands 52 metres high (that’s 170 feet in old money) which has dominated the New Brighton skyline since 1856. It is hoped that work on the spire will be completed during 2015.

St James is looking to become an integral cog in the heritage of New Brighton with a number of exciting announcements. A new community singing group is to relocate to the church. “Sing Our Socks Off” will add a new dimension to enhance our intention to develop St James as a Centre of Musical Excellence.


Further community engagement is in the pipeline so please watch this space.


A number of fund raising activities under the umbrella of “inSpire” will run regularly throughout the year so please look out for “inSpire” and other church events in future editions of the Walrus and the local press. Here is a taster:


  • Good Friday, April 18th at 7.30 pm – John Stainer’s “The Crucifixion”, sacred cantata sung by the Choir of St James (free entry)


  • Saturday 26th April at 7.30 pm (“inSpire” event)– Concert by the West Cheshire Police Brass Band


  • Friday 13th June at 7.30 pm (“inSpire” event) – Organ recital by Professor Ian Tracey, Organist & Master of the Choristers at Liverpool Cathedral, Organist to the City of Liverpool at St George’s Hall, Chorus Master to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society.


Enquiries regarding these and other events at St James; to Julia Codling on 639 5468.

Scout Post and Scouts

Emmanuel Church Guides and Scouts

Seabank Road, opposite The Flying Dutchman

To cater for the ever increasing number of girls and boys aged between 5 and 13 wanting to join Guides and Scouts, we are in need of extra adult help. A CRB check is a necessity.

Meetings last between one and one and a half hours a week, Guides on a Friday evening and Scouts on a Wednesday evening.

If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested, in assisting the current leaders each week then please contact George Merrill on 639 6712 for a chat. Thank You.

 Wirral Scouts and Guides Christmas Charity Post

We would like to thank everyone who bought our 25pence stamps and used our Christmas Card Post this year.

We again delivered over half a million cards throughout the whole of the Wirral and on Tuesday 4th February, at Wallasey Town Hall, the Mayor presented cheques to the value of £27,000 to nineteen local charities. We have now donated a grand total of £567,000 to local Wirral charities since the scheme began.

We would also like to thank all the shops that sell our stamps and, especially, the volunteer scout and guide mums and dads for doing the donkey work of collecting, sorting and delivering the cards. Many hands make light work, so the saying goes.


20th Wallasey Rainbow Guides


Invite you to come and join them


Thirlmere Drive Hall

Thirlmere Drive, opposite Asda, Seaview Road

 On Wednesday Afternoons

From 4.15p.m. – 5.15p.m.

Our meetings include crafts, games, badges, special parties and lots of fun

Rainbows are aged 5  – 7 years.

If you are younger we do have a waiting list so why not come and put your name on it or give me a ring

on 630 1519

Christians Against Poverty





Free Debt Help on your Doorstep

When financial trouble hits, it’s easy to feel alone. It can seem like no one can help or that no one wants to. Local debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) really can help and hundreds of people call each week to begin their journey towards financial freedom.

Experience has shown that there is always a way out and no debt is too big or too small to deal with. In fact, if you are experiencing debt problems then you can get free, expert advice without even leaving your house.

CAP visits people in their own homes, negotiates with creditors and supports people right up until they are debt free. On top of this, the whole service is free of charge and available to anyone regardless of age, faith, gender or background.

A CAP client from Moreton said “Life before CAP was awful. I just buried my head in the sand hoping all my debt problems would go away but they just got worse. When I met you guys from CAP I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders”

In the UK, there are 233 CAP Debt Centres and one of these is on Wirral. This means that local people can access the service, which is recommended by TV’s Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis.

 Wirral CAP Centre Manager, Moira Nelson said, “Every week we see people who think that there is no way out of their money problems and every week we offer them a solution that really works. If you are struggling with debt then there is hope. We can help you.”

To find out more, call Christians Against Poverty’s freephone number 0800 328 0006 or visit www.capuk.

 CAP only works in partnership with the care of local churches and offers the service free of charge. It also offers a debt prevention service via the CAP Money Course and help with employment prospects via the 2 CAP Jobs.

 Contact Moira Nelson on 07583 123169 or Shirley Bowen 07816563688

Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox thanks

Many, many thanks to the generous people of Wirral who wrapped, packed and donated 11,480 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child in 2014. This is an increase of almost 3% compared to 2012! Just over half of the boxes were taken to Liberia and rest went to Romania. Well done to all and thank you from the children whose lives YOU have changed. Once again we would like to thank Peel Holdings for donating premises for us to use on Woodside Business Park.

Would you like to get involved this year? It’s never too soon. If you plan to fill a box, why not start collecting items now? Pick up 1 or 2 gifts each month and you will soon find that you have enough to fill a box. Look out for the sales – hats, scarves, and glove sets will soon be coming down in price. Look out for small cuddly animals and other small toys (please make sure these are new or “as new”). If you have any unloved Barbies, Kens, or action men, our make-over geniuses can do wonders with them. Contact us as detailed below and we’ll arrange pick-up.

There are many other ways in which you can get involved. Are you creative? Can you knit, sew or produce other creative gifts? There are volunteers throughout the area who produce superb fillers (extra items for the shoeboxes) all year round, including a growing number of “knit and natter” groups. If you would like to know more about OCC, you can contact me on 07955383692 (leave a message and I’ll get back to you). You can also look at the OCC web-site, the main Facebook page, and our own Wirral OCC FB page. We are always happy to answer questions and we have speakers who are more than happy to speak to groups, small or large, about OCC. We never stop thinking about Christmas!


Patricia Hardman

Another voyage

Before the Black Perl


In December’s issue of the Walrus, that was December 2013, which seems like many years ago, I wrote about what we might do over Christmas and New Year – with a caveat or two regarding the weather. Well, yes – the weather did, and the weather continues to do! The Black Pearl got an itchy keel and headed off for the bright lights across the Mersey. She overshot the target and put in at Crosby for a brief encounter with one of Sir Antony’s iron men. New Brighton suffered a massive battering, or two, from the seaward side but the community response was immediate and tremendous. So, Well Done! to the rescue and emergency services who dealt with the tumult of the day and Well Done! to Shoreline and The New Brighteners who cleared up the debris so promptly and thoroughly. England expects but New Brighton does! True to the spirit of New Brighton “After the Storm”, an event created by the Momentary Art Project and hosted by the Light Cinema, celebrated the community response with a success that roared almost as loudly as the winds and waves of December 5th.

We had our wonderful New Year’s Eve party on the ghost ship – then that got washed away, another spectacular departure – “Living art”, Major said as we watched her go. The Christmas Nativity began well but the Holy family and the Wise Men from the East had to be rescued from the storm. The shepherds and their sheep, perhaps wise to the fickle ways of nature, did not show.

January and February have passed and whilst we have only three masts on the beach, we have a huge pile of wood by the prom, an exciting voyage charted for the Black Pearl in the year ahead and a treasure chest of community warmth, well-wishes and generosity!

As Captain I can promise an exciting and rewarding voyage to fascinating places with memorable experiences and plunder beyond measure – subject, of course, to fair winds and fortune! But first we must have our ship re-fitted and ready for action. Willing hands are fretting to rebuild, a lusty crew yearns to sail The Black Pearl to the four corners of the world – and probably beyond!

Along our way we expect that story-tellers will beguile us with wild and hair-raising tales of strange happenings in far-off lands. Poets will weave their words of magic to stir our blood. Singers will tear our heartstrings with haunting songs of joy, of love, of triumphs and sad losses. Maybe we will see the theatre of life played out upon the Pearl’s decks. Maybe we will sway to the exciting rhythms of distant drums that will speak to the old and mystic elements that lie deep within us all. Of course it wouldn’t be a piratical voyage without a few bouts of carousing and merry-making along the way. And there may be the occasional, but fair and appropriate, need for some planks to be walked and some keels to be hauled, perhaps with a rousing shanty to help us through such chores.

It will not be all plain sailing. Indeed, there are rumours about an invasion! An invasion from North of the border – no less! Some might think that men in short skirts won’t be much of a problem – but rumour is that the invading force will not be men, nor women, (kilts cannot be ruled out), but creatures of a very different nature! When you can’t find an “r” in the month – be afraid, be very, very afraid!

The year is yet to begin. Then, families will relax on the beach, children will play, dogs will be walked, visitors will come from near and far, tales will be told, voyages and adventures will be imagined and enacted, wonderful moments will occur, there will be talk, there will be laughter and there will be huge, piratical fun. There will be life and a bit of art thrown in here and there from us – the Pirates at Art – Life is an Art and Art is Life. Let us all enjoy it together in another voyage of the Black Pearl!

Easter at St Andrew’s United Church

Sunday, 13th April 10.45 a.m. Palm Sunday Service

Wednesday, 16th April 11 a.m. Worship for Holy Week

Thursday, 17th April Maundy Thursday – Agape Meal and Service

(held jointly with St James and Emmanuel Churches)


Friday, 18th April 11 a.m. Good Friday Service


Sunday, 20th April 10.45 a.m. Easter Sunday Service


Everyone is welcome at all of these services


Also at St Andrew’s……….

St Andrew’s United Church is holding other events in the next few months, too. Everyone is welcome to join in.


Lent Study Course at 11 a.m. each Wednesday from 12th March until 2nd April.


Friday, 21st March 7.30 p.m. Concert by the Capriccio Singers

(Tickets £5 – pay on the door)


And looking further ahead:

Sunday, 1st June The Big Lunch

August – “Staycation Week”


Both of these events are for everyone in the community. Look out for more details nearer the time.


Coffee Mornings – second Saturday of each month 10.30 – 12 noon. Call in for a cup of coffee or tea and some toast, biscuits or homemade cake.

Messy Church for children of primary school age and their families – second Sunday of each month 3.00 – 4.30 p.m.

All our usual organisations and activities continue each week. See the notice board in Rowson Street for details. You are most welcome to come along and join in.


In 2011 the Council’s Cabinet approved a report titled Town, District and Local Centre Study and Delivery Framework – a copy of which can be downloaded from the Council’s website via the following link:-

 As a result of this it was agreed that the Council undertake a series of action plans for individual retail centres on a phased basis.

You will be pleased to hear that New Brighton (Victoria Rd) is to be included in the next phase of this work and work on the development of the action plan for your area will commence shortly. The action plans will address a wide range of issues pertinent to each area’s individual circumstances and will include such things as; traffic management & parking, potential environmental improvements and options for local marketing of retail centres.

 This work is being led by a team of Officers within the Council drawing on expertise in retail planning and transport. In addition to the action planning, a trader’s online toolkit has been launched providing practical advice on how traders can support their local retail centre and this can be viewed at the link above.

 Our practice in the other areas in which we have already completed this work is to involve the traders, community representatives and the local Ward Councillors so that everyone with an interest can play an active role in informing the action plan. The plan will need to be owned and driven forward by local traders, as it is you who know your business and the area best.

With this in mind we would like to invite you to a meeting at Heritage Centre, 90 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, CH45 2JF on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at 5.30pm, where myself and colleagues will provide an explanation of the action planning process.



140 / 142 Grove Road

Wallasey. CH45 0JF Tel: 0151-639 2832

Whatever the occasion, wedding breakfasts, birthday parties, funeral refreshments or private dinners, the Wallaseyans’ Club welcomes enquiries for functions, large or small. Menus can be created to match your own requirements, including vegetarian options.

With a fully stocked bar, including a fine range of real ales and lagers, comfortable lounges and four, full size, snooker tables, the Wallaseyans’ Club welcomes new Members from the community.

You can contact the Club direct from their website at or, you can follow us on Facebook.

Please mention The Walrus when contacting.