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The Brighteners Amazing August Update

The Brighteners Amazing August Update
THIS SATURDAY – 9th August – The Beach Ecology Walk:   Meet by the slipway in the Fort Perch Rock Car Park@ 1.30pm.  A walk to discover more about the beach ecology, so we can better appreciate what it is we are keeping clean, and why!  The walk is being led by Ranger Lynne Greenstreet (Thanks to Lynne).  It is free, so just bring yourselves. No need for Litter Pickers either! 
The Shuttle Bus Launch Photo Call:  The Photo Call for the Bus and launch of Keep New Brighton Tidy went very well and Gill Gwatkin (Council Press Officer) commented that it was one of the best photo sessions she’d done – everyone was so enthusiastic.  Well done Brighteners and Pirates!
Egremont Festival – Litter Picking:  A big thanks from the Egremont Fest Organisers for all the help litter picking at the Festival, and especially to Manisha, who organised the day’s litter pick session!  It all helped make it the best Fest yet!  Diary note:  Next Egremont Festival – Sunday 9th August 2015.  Get those diaries out!
The Polystyrene Free State of New Brighton:   The battle campaign commences on Monday 4th August when Dave and Manisha, along with Dawn Mackie, a Council Environmental Officer begin visiting fast food outlets with a view to encouraging them to to try bio-degradable fast food containers and cups, instead of polystyrene ones.  
The Council are funding the project to the tune of £1500, which is just amazing, and we want to thank, especially, Caroline Laing, Chair of the Wallasey Problem Solving Group for pushing this along.  The funding will allow us to offer the retailers a free trial of bio-degradable fast food containers and cups, and if that goes well, we hope they will move  away from Polystyrene.  Also must mention Andrew Cornes, who designed the graphic.  Nice one Andrew!

Wirral bright Ideas:   We are applying to this fund (very similar to Love Wirral) for £500 to buy more pickers, hi-viz vests (printed) and bag hoops.  Bids must be in by 18th August, and we are hopeful that we will be successful.
Tales from the web:    Nicky Campbell was spat at for complaining about litter dropping yobs –  A new Facebook page has sprung up, ‘Allow Dogs On New Brighton Beach Wirral’, in the wake of Wirral Globe’s sensationalist headline, ‘Dog Ban on New Brighton Beaches’ –  New EU regs threaten to downgrade 50 UK beaches –   A container filled with millions of Lego pieces fell into the sea off Cornwall in 1997 and continue to be washed up on beaches and have become collectors items –  The BBC announced it’s possible to clean a beach in 2 minutes – yeah right! – A Parliamentary Select Committee is going to look into the litter problem, and we may submit evidence as a group – And finally, this is still one of the best anti-litter animations around:
That”s all folks
Happy Pickin’
Loving the New Brighton Shore!