Christians Against Poverty

CAP Wirral

Christians Against Poverty is a national and international free debt counselling service from an award winning charity. There are 260 centres in UK with more coming soon.

CAP Wirral opened two years ago and almost 100 people have been visited in their own homes and offered help. Currently around 30 clients are working with us; paying a monthly sum into Head office, enabling staff to negotiate with creditors, stopping interest and fees being added to debts and ensuring clients are free from further letters and calls demanding unmanageable payments. A realistic budget is prepared to ensure clients have money for food and all their regular bills and expenses, with attention to saving a little too.

In the last few weeks CAP prepared bankruptcy papers for a Wirral client and the local Debt Coach was able to stand with him in court. The paperwork was well prepared by CAP’s specialists and within a few minutes the whole debt was gone.

This man had been really weighed down by the burden of £1000s of debt and unable to feed himself or manage his affairs. Now he is transformed; his whole life is calmer and his appearance so different.

Another client is so relieved CAP were able to stand with her in court to hear her debt has been removed by a bankruptcy order and yet another client had CAP set up an IVA for her.

With Christmas approaching all our client’s children will receive a chocolate advent calendar with the Christmas story and hampers appropriately filled, will be given to all families.

Thanks to the generosity of a Wirral Church, everyone is invited to a special evening, celebrating with a splendid buffet and a renowned Wallasey singer/songwriter performing, along with showing the newly released Billy Graham film, The Cross, which features testimonies of transformed lives.

If you, a friend or family member is struggling with debt please call 08003280006 to arrange an appointment or check out our website