St James’ Church

A buzz around St James’ church

During the autumn, eagle-eyed residents of New Brighton may have noticed a friendly invasion of young people – armed with cameras, notepads and clipboards – intently studying the buildings of our community, particularly Victoria Road. These welcome visitors were students from Liverpool University’s School of Architecture. They spent many days buzzing around the area.

St James’ church is of course the road’s largest and most historic building, and was therefore a real focus of interest for the students. Because the New Brighton Heritage Centre is now based in the church, which means it is open seven days a week, the students were delighted to find they had virtually unlimited access to the building to study and document it in detail.

They were also fascinated to hear about the restoration proposals for the spire. In fact, as a result of the contact, it has been arranged for the students to visit the site when work on the spire is underway, so that they can study a restoration project at close hand. Talking of which, a specialist contractor will shortly be appointed to undertake the work, which should begin in the spring. The rebuilding of the spire should be a major sight and talking point for much of 2015!

Richard Wilberforce