Picking Crew

 SEABANK ROAD NEEDS PICKING CREW.  Phyl Oliver, of Seabank Road, is looking for volunteers to join a Picking Crew to improve our environment and tackle the growing problem of litter on our road.

We are already making progress ‘starting up’ and now it is ‘your chance’ to take up a ‘picker’ and walk the dog, get fit, or just a reason to get out and about.
One hour, one day, once a week.  The more we have the less we have to do.
Let’s brighten up our outlook.   Let’s get it together.
email: phyl.n.oliver@gmail.com Telephone: 0151-638-1475
Dave Peddie from the New Brighteners has been very helpful and Zell and Michael.  It is a Community Project which we hope to spread to other areas and involve other ‘street’ matters…but that is for the future.  No politics and no religions but people who want to improve where they live.
Sincere thanks.  Cheers  Phyl