The Rubbish Season is Upon Us

Brighteners Bizzy Card Front for VistaprintThe Rubbish Season is Upon Us by Dave Peddie

Our years are landmarked by events and seasons: Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan, Passover etc. Some are happy and joyous dates for celebrations and some are sad remembrance dates for tears and reflection.

For The New Brighteners, our year is broadly divided into two seasons: Less Rubbish Season (Usually Winter), THE Rubbish Season (starts in Spring and ends in Autumn).

Whilst the redevelopment of New Brighton has bought a raft of positive benefits; economic, social and recreational. Sadly it has also bought a raft (literally in some instance) of rubbish, and the question is always raised as to who is responsible for, firstly, dropping it, and secondly, for clearing it away.

The first question is easily answered. Who is responsible for dropping the rubbish in our streets, parks and beaches? People.

The second question is less easily answered. The familiar chant is, ‘it’s the Council’s responsibility innit’. So here’s a thought for folks who take the line that it’s the Council’s responsibility.

Much of what ails England is the attitude that, ‘it is someone else’s responsibility’. These are the people who simple walk by on the other side, ignore the problems, leave the litter, do nothing about anything because, ‘it is someone else’s responsibility’. So over the last couple of decades, this attitude has seen an endemic social deterioration across the country. It is time to reclaim our neighbourhoods, our parks, our streets and our beaches. Time to stop saying, ‘it is someone else’s responsibility’. It isn’t, it is OUR responsibility.

A few weeks ago an interesting discussion took place on the Wallasey Gossip Facebook page. It began with a person, a young man probably in his late teens, who refuses to walk by on the other side. A person who refuses to say, ‘it is someone else’s responsibility’. He had the guts to suggest that people might like to join him in helping pick up litter in the Wallasey area.

Well, you would think he had proposed people should pick up the litter and eat it. He was berated, belittled and shouted down by those very people who won’t do anything and chant, ‘it is someone else’s responsibility’, ‘it is the Council’s responsibility’. Well shame on them. The good news is that he had more guts than all of them, stuck with it and a good number of people supported his idea and aspiration. And there are other people who are also taking up the challenge and facing down the tide of litter, the disease of litter, threatening to engulf us all.

So who among us is responsible………?

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