Walrus Funding

As you know, we have been able to deliver 7,000 copies of the Walrus to every home inNew Brighton every March, May, September and December for 18 years now and we hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.


We continue to apply for funding but it becomes harder every year to obtain this.This month we asked the New Brighton churches o hve a collection in support of the Walrus at their services on the first Sunday.

Everyone gave generously and the sum of £150 was raised between them towards the cost of the Walrus. 

We would like to thank the people of St James, Emmanuel and St Andrews churches for this support.


We will continue our efforts to obtain funding as we feel that the Walrus helps to keep the community informed about local events and gives community organisations the opportunity to promote themselves.

Thank you all for your help.