Holy Apostles and Martyrs

Holy Apostles & Martyrs RC Parish

Serving the communities of New Brighton & Wallasey Village

Parish church – St George’s Road, Wallasey Village

Shrine church – Atherton Street, New Brighton

After a refreshing summer break we are now looking forward to committing ourselves afresh to the task of evangelisation so that we can share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone!

Mass times in the parish are as follows:

Sunday Mass times Weekday Mass times

6pm – Saturday evening Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9.30am – Sunday 9.15am (Parish church)

11am – Sunday Tuesday 6.45pm (Parish church)

Friday 9.15am (Shrine church)

All are welcome.

To arrange Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals please contact Fr Phil or Fr Michael on 0151 606 4362.