The Driftwood Fairies

We are pleased to say that the fairy folk have been welcomed into the Vale Park community, during the summer visitors have arrived from all over Merseyside and beyond.

Our fairy village has spread its magic to believers of all ages, it gives pleasure to all who capture the excitement on young faces as they scurry from door to door looking for Tinkerbell and her ‘ friends, its just amazing to watch.

The children have been encouraged to created their own pieces of art by collecting stones from I the beach, painting them and displaying their creations inside the belly of the great whale which lies at the entrance to the fairy glen.

As you can imagine because of the Liverpool Echo, waiting magazine and Facebook the word is spreading about our garden many, many would be Fairies visit Vale Park and then transform into swashbuckling pirates aboard the Black Pearl. This we feel is doing its part to help rejuvenate the New Brighton area and show the rest of the world what hidden gems our beautiful peninsular holds.

Because of the success of The Black Pearl and our fairy garden much needed restoration work needs to be carried out and this will take place over the winter period. We have to say a massive thank you to all the people who respect the work that has taken place to create the fairy village and of course the Pirate ship…. Not so fortunate has been the fairy village in Buncrana, Donegal, which was our inspiration for the garden, vandals have caused considerable damage.

So a warning from the wee folk of Swan Park in Ireland has been put in place.

“By moonlight in fairyland we little people play, if you are a vandal… You throw your luck away”

IMG_7528 IMG_7529