A Christmas Welcome to the New Walrus

This edition of Walrus brings us a new production with a new printer. Yet there is much in it that has not changed. Rusty Keane is still our editor and New Brighton should be grateful for the amazing community service which she has provided over the years both by editing this magazine and in many other ways.

The aim of Walrus is still to publicise the wealth of local activities which we are privileged to enjoy in and around New Brighton. Personally I am grateful that this includes the programmes of the local churches.

This can be particularly valuable at Christmas when all our churches offer a friendly and imaginative selection of services and other activities.

I was sad to read in a recent survey that these days a sizeable proportion of our population see no connection at all between Christmas and the Christian Faith. Then they wonder why they find so little joy at this time of the year.

Too misquote the Christmas carol, for some the motto at Christmas is

Hark the Herald angels sing

Alka-Selzer is the thing.

Buy it in and store it away,

‘Cos you’ll feel foul on Boxing Day!

Of course there can be much more to Christmas than over-eating and over-drinking.

Christmas is a good time to go exploring. The extra leisure time allows us to explore more of our wonderful Wirral. Also why not explore at a mental and spiritual level? Take your Bible off the shelf and have a look at the second chapters in St. Matthew’s Gospel and St. Luke’s Gospel and the breathtaking opening verses of St. John’s Gospel. Or if you are prepared to plumb the depths of the theology of Christmas, try the opening verses of Ephesians, the tenth book in the New Testament. Happy Hunting!

Canon Roy Lawrence