The Vale Park Driftwood Fairies

TheIMG_4058 Vale PaIMG_4056rk Driftwood Fairies evolve in a subtle way. We remember the magic of Joy Time’ with Aunty Dorothy and Uncle Norman by placing a fairy finial high on an outbuilding and below an ancient face looks out, could that be Uncle Norman?

We discover a piece of driftwood with the name of a Scottish woodwork firm exhibited on a brass plaque, this was transformed into the Vale Park sign and we are in contact with the firm to try and find its origins.

A silver lantern is found on the tide line we recognise it as part of the candlelit memorial service held for PC Dave Phillips at Fort Perch Rock…RIP. This was transformed into a memorial to remember the fallen on armistice day.

Many, many people have visited the Fairies and left gifts of jewellery one special gift of hand crafted prisms dance merrily in the Autumn breeze on the Troll tree. We thank you all on behalf of the fairy folk.

We do have first some bad then to counteract some good news. Bad news fist😔we had a complaint from a resident regarding the fairy bell in the centre of the village…just didn’t like the jingle… so with respect to their wishes we have removed it. Good news now😀we have muffled the jingle and have put it back in place.
We will celebrate the forthcoming festive season with whatever the Mighty  Mersey delivers to our shore line… Watch this space.