St James’ church; after the spire, what next?

wal-034As you’ve probably noticed, the restoration of St James’ spire is complete and the New Brighton skyline has a new prominent “stripey” feature. The main reason for rebuilding the spire — the tallest in Wirral — was of course to make it safe. But it also enabled many of its decorative features, which had been lost over the years, to be replaced. The parishioners are delighted with the outcome and would like to thank the community of New Brighton for their interest and support, particularly those people who attended
fundraising events. made donations or sponsored new stones.

We would like to think that the restoration of St James’, together with all the work going on at the Dome of Home, is symbolic of the wider regeneration ofour marvellous town.

If you have been inside St James’ church, you will have seen the magnificent wall paintings. These were created by a famous Victorian church artist, Alfred Hemming, and are of a scale and quality which is unsurpassed in any provincial parish church. Do pop in and take a look if you have not seen them before.
Unfortunately they have been deteriorating due to damp coming through the walls and roof. So we must now focus on eradicating the damp and then conserving these magnificent works of art.

So, the fundraising and grant applications will have to continue. There is lots of hard work ahead. But just for a moment. let‘s sit back and enjoy the visual splendour of New Brighton’s stripey new spire!

Richard Wilberforce