View from the Other Side

To the residents of New Brighton, the Wirral Coast and Merseyside. We are the crew who have been removed from New Brighton Lifeboat Station as we were not happy with the way the station was being managed. You may hear that it was a dispute over training, we were long passed that prior to the station being shut by the RNLI and putting the lives of those of you who use our beautiful coastline at risk. In a very short period of time the RNLI and station management have caused the loss of over 300 years of life-boating experience, quite simply because they were not prepared to listen to what we, as a crew had to say. 17 out of a crew of
24 at the time signed a grievance stating that we were unhappy with how things were being run and yet it is the majority of those 17 who now find themselves not on call 24/7, doing what we do best…….saving lives at sea. Days before the station was closed we carried out a rescue, the RNLI state in their press releases that we were “operationally ineffective“, wonder if those in the fishing boat that was rescued felt that way?

The lifeboat is not on full service, it will take over 300 years for that to happen. How long are the local public prepared to wait? We would guess not as long as 300 years?

The RNLI is a massive organisation, we are just a few. We would ask you to ask yourselves why you‘ve only heard from the dismissed crew and RNLI Headquarters, nothing from the management who caused this and still remain in post.

The truth will come out. We have the evidence to support the truth.

To Bob Warwick the station press officer our thanks for everything that you’ve done as press officer. You’ve built the profile of the station at New Brighton and been a great friend to the crew. We only hope all your hard work does not go to waste with the mess that has been engineered at the station.

We want the lifeboat back on service as effectively as it was 12 months ago, with experienced, well trained, knowledgeable and passionate crew, who at a moments notice will be there when needed. Our families use our coastline and we want them and you to be safe.