Bring It Home

Here we are in March already! The Black Pearl has held on through (most of) another winter. There will be plenty of gatherings on the decks of the Black Pearl in the months ahead and fine old times will be had! By mid March 2017 the present incarnation of the Black Pearl will be 3 years old – not quite as old as the little girl who helped me to collect up spent firework cases from the beach awhile back – but over such number of years a sailing ship of the past might have circumnavigated the globe! Many would argue the
Black Pearl has been to the moon and back in the pirate dreams of her ever changing and crew.

We pirates have talked about having a sleepover on the Pearl – talked about it many a time now – maybe this year it will happen…? It could take a lot of good stories told to get us through that long night. Give us time to think again about those sailors of 500 years back – salt-caked, starving, soaked to the skin and waking up to another merciless day of toil and uncertainty. You may wonder where this is leading – as they surely did then. And I surely wonder right now!

There is an idea floating around in my head about the cargo that the Pearl might have garnered over these years at sea. Perhaps not much by comparison with John Masefield’s fabulous collection – no peacocks, no sandalwood, no emeralds, no amethysts – nor even any cheap tin trays – gold moidores? Ah! Now we might find one or two of those lying around!

But impressions! Impressions like those in the whistling sands of Cosy Cove – so wonderfully photographed by our amazing local photographers, images in giant bubbles spun from wand-wielding, wildly dressed, not-exactly-old reprobates! Paths forever crossing and crossing again. Bare feet slapping on a wooden deck. Impossible child-bellowed orders. Toys hide amongst the driftwood. Wind through your hair and sand in your ice cream.

Here’s a chest full of the care and kindnesses of friends and strangers. People say the most wonderful things – beautiful thoughts – freely given and openly expressed, kind words shining, maybe brighter than emeralds and amethysts, on the oft-times dull and stony path of everyday life. Hogsheads of memories shoulder to shoulder wait below decks for another landfall. Hopes and dreams. We will! Someday! And the things we could have done and maybe still can do. What a cargo to bring home!