Do you remember the Waltons?

It is just over a year since we moved and we have been as busy as ever ! We have settled into our
new home brilliantly and we love everything about living here. It is amazing to be so close to the
river, Vale Park and to be a short walk from all the fantastic facilities in New Brighton. The whole
family love the area. My sister, Ali, loves it so much she recently moved from Neston to a house a
few minutes walk away from us ! Graham has spent the last few weeks decorating for her ! So much
for retirement !

I cannot believe the ‘girls’ are now thirty three years old ! They are all fit and healthy and always
passing through ! We did think that we were ‘alone at last’! but cannot remember when it was just a
meal for two ! Here is a bit of an update ;

Hannah is teaching in a local primary school and enjoying the challenges that brings. She has
bought and moved into a house not far away from us. Graham spent five weeks on and off
decorating there !

Luci and Kav have been in their house for two years now and still love it just as much as they did and
she is still enjoying her Cabin Crew job, mostly doing long haul. Best job in the world !
Ruth married Rob in May 2015 and on 12th May last year baby Olivia was born. She is adorable
and of course being spoilt by everyone, not least of all her older brother, Daniel and older sister,

Sarah and Kieran are wonderful parents and Jorgie is just gorgeous. She celebrated her second
Birthday on October 7th ! She is doing really well and getting slowly used to her time in Nursery

Kate is very happy in her apartment, loving work at the University and loving life and having plenty
of holidays.

Jen is living in Leeds with Matt and they are now working together. They have very long days, early
starts and late finishes. They come to visit very often.

Graham and I are as busy as ever, although I have now been retired for just over two years, I still do
not seem to have any free time. We are very ‘hands on’ with the baby minding and loving it.
Graham is supposed to be retired as well but there always seems to be some family decorating to do.
Graham is still doing the after dinner speaking, my book ‘Six Little Miracles’ has been a success and
the feedback has been great, It is still available on Amazon, take a look at the reviews !

Jan Walton.February 2017.