Gravestock Trophy

TS Astute, Wallasey sea cadets has continued to progress higher and higher within the
sea cadets. After recently been given the prestigious honour of the Freedom of the
borough by the Metropolitan of Wirral borough council. We then had the honour to
parade alongside our affiliated ship HMS Astute and her ships company. The unit then
agreed just fourteen months ago to open a junior cadet section and as such it has
become the newest section in the Northwest area.

Now in their short running they’ve been enormously successful, both securing the
nomination for their district (Merseyside West), which has finally lead to the awarding
of the Gravestock award as the best junior section in the North west but also the honour
and privilege to be nominated for the national award “The Cleverly shield”. It is the first
time, in which the Gravestock trophy has been won by a unit in their first year of
operations which makes this award even more prestigious and graciously appreciated
by the unit.

PO J Williams (SCC) & PO M Kinealy (SCC) Wallasey’s junior cadet officers in charge
have said. “For us as such a young section to be placed amongst some of the best on a
national level so soon is such and honour and a privilege. We’ve strived to make this
section a success and with the backing and support from both Merseyside West District
and also the North West Area staff we’ve made that possible. We’ve now doubled the
number of parading cadets in a year and are already now working on plans for further
expansion, so we can continue to offer the same fantastic opportunities to the young
people of New Brighton and Wallasey for generations to come”.