Food consultation comments made public ahead of final decision

  • Public opinion will help council make decision on food waste
  • Affordability and effectiveness also big considerations
  • Council’s commitment to improving recycling rates remains solid

Feedback from Wirral residents about proposals to introduce a new weekly food waste collection service have been published, as the Council gears up to make a decision on how best to improve recycling rates in the borough.

Last year the council began investigating bringing in a new food waste collection service, which would see every resident receive a new, small bin to store food waste – which would then be collected every week.

The move was proposed in an effort to increase recycling rates in the borough to 50% of all household waste. As part of this change, the proposal would see the existing bins either reduced in size OR collected every three weeks.

New council environment lead, Cllr Phillip Brightmore, says the public feedback has been invaluable as he pulls together plans to improve recycling.

He said: “The consultation last year led to an extensive public debate on recycling. I think that’s incredibly positive – the more people talk about recycling, the more it is on their minds and that can only help as we work hard to protect our local environment.

“For me, it is absolutely clear – any changes to how we collect waste and encourage recycling have to meet three key conditions: they must be affordable, they must lead to massively improved recycling levels and, crucially, they must be acceptable to our residents.

“That’s why I have taken the decision to publish all of the feedback we’ve received now, in advance of any decisions being taken, so people can see what their fellow residents are saying, we can consider all of the different opinions and continue this debate.

“I absolutely understand how important this service is to our residents and I pledge to take every view into account as we continue our review, develop our proposal and make our decision.”

The consultation findings have been posted on the council website,

A decision on the food waste collection service will be made in the coming months, and is part of a wider regional review of waste collection. While that review continues, Wirral is launching a new plan to help residents recycle more. The plan will start in the coming weeks, and will involve:

  • Workshops and events throughout Wirral, demonstrating new ideas for how household items can be recycled, repaired or reused.
  • A new communications campaign, making sure every resident has the information they need on what they can recycle and how to do it.
  • Visiting schools, youth centres and community organisation to talk about recycling and giving residents face to face advice and support
  • Making sure every resident has the right bins in decent condition to help them recycle as much as they can