Re-launch Issue!

New Brighton is now an exciting place to live and why visit because of its splendid location and the varied activities that take place here. But we all know that, so why am I repeating it in print? Because most of the projects, the planning, the energy and the freely given time is due to a handful of dedicated volunteers and council staff. President Kennedy at his inaugural address summed it up perfectly, and with a few modifications it applies equally well to our local residents. “Ask not what New Brighton can do for you, ask what you can do for New Brighton.”

Rusty Keane

Welcome to the first issue of the revamped Walrus. We took time in the summer to work on a fresh new format for the magazine, which will keep our community informed of local news and developments happening around Wallasey and New Brighton. This issue includes council plans and considerations for the development along the promenade, and the re-awakening of New Brighton as a resort after decades of decline. We will put a strong focus on informing readers in every issue of the progress made in maintaining the area’s regeneration. East Park Communications are looking forward to being part of the Walrus team, which is still headed by Rusty Keane, who is recovering from her recent illness. We look forward to a great future together.
Simon Castell
East Park Communications