The Black Pearl & Fairy vale

Continuing our pirate and fairy tale… (Photo: Norman Ord)

The Pearl and fairy vale have had a busy summer with lots of visitors from far and wide which has brought much needed income to New Brighton and Vale Park Cafe. We have developed a close friendship with the folk of the cafe and continue to work together to provide a special place to create lasting memories for all who visit.

Much needed restoration work will now commence on both sites in preparation for the winter months which heralds some exciting news… We will be illuminating the Pearl and the fairy vale mid October in preparation for the World urban parks congress visit. Wirral council have made monies available to help with costs and pirates are busy thinking of new creations to enhance our magical spaces… Including poetry in the park and new cannons for the Pearl etc.

Once in place the illuminations and driftwood additions will stay in place as long as time and tide permit.

The nights may be drawing in sunny days a drifting memory but wrap up warm come visit the fairies or sit on the deck of the Pearl hoping for clear star studded skies…. Let your imagination take flight…

Sea Sick Sue