Black Perl

blackperl2 Way! Hey! And up she rises!

We are not sure if this is the 5th or 6th Black Pearl rising from the rocks by Dalmorton Road slip. Rising with the encouragement, support, skills and arm-strength provided by our most generous and enthusiastic community. There is much work to be done but the Black Pearl is already seeing plenty of action. An exciting and rewarding voyage lies ahead – subject, of course, to fair winds and fortune!

Along our way we expect that story-tellers will beguile us with wild and hair-raising tales of strange happenings in far-off lands. Poets will weave their words of magic to stir our blood. Singers will tear our heartstrings with haunting songs of joy, of love, of triumphs and sad losses. Maybe we will see the theatre of life played out upon the Pearl’s decks. Maybe we will sway to the exciting rhythms of distant drums that will speak to the old and mystic elements that lie deep within us all. It may not be all plain sailing. Indeed, there are rumours of an invasion! An invasion from North of the border – no less! Yes, iron men and maybe iron women plus the occasional brass monkey may be amongst us by late June. Be very afraid!

Of course it wouldn’t be a piratical voyage without a few bouts of carousing and merry-making along the way. And there may be the occasional, but fair and appropriate, need for some planks to be walked and some keels to be hauled, perhaps with a rousing shanty to help us through such chores.

Summer is coming and families will relax on the beach, children will play, dogs will be walked, visitors will come from near and far, tales will be told, voyages and adventures will be imagined and enacted, wonderful moments will occur, there will be talk, there will be laughter and there will be huge, piratical fun. There will be life and a bit of art thrown in here and there from us – the Pirates at Art – Life is an Art and Art is Life. Enjoy!

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