Tell LEGO to dump Shell

LEGO are rattled. First our video was removed from Youtube. Hours later, it was put back after thousands of us voiced our outcry!

But LEGO are still refusing to meet us. So in 4 days, undercover LEGO agents will go to their Head Office in Slough to deliver every single name on the petition asking them to dump Shell.

​If you haven’t signed yet, please consider signing via this link


LEGO has very

senior managers based in the UK. They care deeply about UK sales figures and the reputation of their brand. Right now, that reputation is being damaged by their refusal to reconsider their partnership with Shell. 

In 4 days, Greenpeace volunteers will show up at their office in front of LEGO’s staff and the public with all the names of people who want them to dump Shell.

It might just be the nudge the Chief Executive needs to pick up the phone to the CEO in Denmark, and tell him it’s time to end their misguided deal with Shell.

So let’s make sure that number is huge. Share this email with your friends.

When we work together we get results. From getting Jewsons to drop Amazon timber, to confronting Statoil near Bear Island, bit by bit we’re making companies behave responsibly. Together we can get LEGO to come over to the good side, too.

Can you ask more people to join in and sign here?

Thanks for all you do,

Fran and the Arctic team

PS: Yesterday, volunteers went to LEGO’s HQ in Denmark to try to deliver the names of everyone who has signed the petition to the CEO. But they were stonewalled. LEGO seem to think that if they carry on ignoring us, we’ll eventually go away. Let’s show them how wrong they are:

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