Saturday 11th March 10-1pm
Friends of Wallasey Central Library Book Sale
see website for more details.
Friday 7th April World Health Day
events to be arranged
Friday 21st April World Book Night
Ann Cleeves Murder Mystery. See if you can guess whodunit?

15th – 21st May Dementia Awareness Week
June Make A Noise In Libraries fortnight
Tuesday 18th July Jane Austen Celebrations
September Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
Tuesday 10th October World Mental Day
National Libraries Week 9th – 14th October


Events in the Children’s Library:

Thursday 2nd March 4-5pm ages 5+ World Book Day with Horrid Henry event
Booking essential
Easter Holidays 3 – 17th April
Easter stories & crafts
Saturday 27th May Elmer Day
Timings to be confirmed.


We will have more details nearer the time.

Love New Brighton Parade 2017

Saturday 8th July from 12 noon

Love New Brighton is a fantastic summer arts event – a celebration on the streets of New
Brighton with an exciting Parade through the town and overlooking the visually gripping
coastline at Marine point. We are thrilled to bring you Love New Brighton Parade 2017 and
with your help we hope it’s going to be bigger, better, brighter and more colourful than ever!

The Parade is the product of Love New Brighton in partnership with New Brighton
Community Centre, Brightside Young People’s Project, Wallasey Youth Club, Tranmere
Rovers in the Community, Wirral Chamber of Commerce, Wirral Council and, very
importantly, the businesses, local schools, community organisations, performers, artists and
residents of New Brighton.

The Love New Brighton Parade is scheduled for 8th July 2017. New Brighton’s Day! A day
and to stand up, to take part, to be in it, to be out on the streets, watching and celebrating the
wonderful skills of our young and not-so-young performers. It’s a day for us all to enjoy. We
urge local groups to get in touch and take part. We also need Ambassadors, lots of them please,
to help us build towards the parade and ensure that all goes well on the day.

As before we will be offering local schools and community groups the chance to take part, to
develop and practice skills in the build up to parade day. Workshops, led by professionals, will
offer opportunities in drumming, music-making, performance, street dance and circus skills.

This year the theme is “By the Sea, the beautiful sea!” Whether you’re taking part or watching,
parade day means costumes! Make your own, wear something yellow, something bright or
proudly wave a flag!

If you want to contribute, take part or need more information please contact the Love New
Brighton Team –

Holy Week @ Holy Apostles & Martyrs

Thursday 13th April 7:30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
followed by watching till 10pm finishing with Compline

Friday 14th April 11am Children’s Stations of the Cross
3pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
7pm Taize prayer at the foot of the Cross

Saturday 15th April 8:30pm Easter Vigil

Sunday 16th April 9:30am Easter Sunday Mass
11am Easter Sunday Mass

All are welcome at our masses and services.
Please do come and join us during this Holy Season

24 Hour Prayer Vigil (24 Hours for the Lord)

7pm Friday 24th March – 7pm Saturday 25th March at Holy Apostles &
Martyrs Parish Church, St George’s Road, Wallasey Village

As encouraged by Pope Francis, please call in and spend some time in
prayer with the Lord during the 24 hour period. All are welcome!


Easter is a historical narrative that invites every person to find a home in.
Sadly I come across people who think that Jesus was a mythical figure.
How far from the truth this is. If we ever had a time machine we would see
that Jesus walked this earth, healed the sick, challenged the status quo
and reminded us that love of God and one another was key to life, key to
the Kingdom of God. Jesus has changed many lives throughout history
and is still changing lives.

Here is a dramatised version of the Easter events:- Peter and the Resurrection by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Profound sadness coupled with terror wrapped Peter’s stomach and clenched it into tight, painful knot.
Yes, Jesus had told his disciples that he would be killed, even that he would be crucified. But Peter
hadn’t believed it. When you see daily miracles and hear incisive teaching from a confident public figure,
you refuse to acknowledge that anything could ever change. But overnight, Peter’s world collapsed.
They had eaten Passover together on Thursday night. But only few hours later, Jesus was under arrest.
A hasty trial lit by flickering lamps in the high priest’s palace condemned Jesus. Then early-morning
shuttles to Pilate, then Herod, then back again to Pilate sealed his fate. By 9 am soldiers were pounding
nails into his hands and feet, jerking him upright on a cross to let him hang in the sun — until the sun
itself hid its face and left the onlookers to watch the Master die in the eerie chill of this very black day.
Peter had fled. In fact, none of the Twelve remained to see him buried. Only Mary Magdalene and a
couple of wealthy followers were left to take his body down, carry it outside the city, and entomb it. If
you’ve ever felt despair at the pit of your stomach, then you know what Peter felt. When he did go out,
he would walk in a kind of daze, utterly disoriented, shattered, the centre of his world now a black hole,
an empty void. How could the Messiah, the heir of David’s throne, be executed? It went against all logic.
It was impossible — yet it had happened, and oh so swiftly! Peter slept fitfully Saturday night and when
his eyes opened Sunday morning, the doom of death was heavy upon him. He pulled his cloak over his
eyes, hoping he could fall back to sleep, but knowing he wouldn’t. All of a sudden someone was banging
on the door. Soldiers! Peter got up with a start. How can I escape? Then he heard Mary Magdalene’s
voice, and his terror fell back into depression. Mary was breathless, troubled, her face stained with
tears. Peter grumbled, “Why did you have to wake me so early?” Mary blurted out: “They have taken the
Lord out of the tomb!” Peter pulled his fellow-disciple John to his feet, slammed the door behind them,
and began to run through the narrow streets, out the city gate, and then on to the tomb. The great
stone that had sealed the tomb stood open. As they entered, the sepulchre was empty, except for some
folded grave clothes. The body was gone. Folded? That was strange. Folded grave clothes but no body.
Hardly what you’d expect from grave robbers. John seemed convinced by the grave clothes that
somehow Jesus had been resurrected or something, but Peter wasn’t so sure. How could he believe that
after so much had happened? He walked slowly back towards the city pondering, thinking, wanting to
believe, but afraid to hope. Suddenly, Jesus appeared. Peter, the so-called “rock,” had publically
betrayed him. He had shouted, “I don’t know the man!” He was so unworthy. And yet here was Jesus
before him. Peter fell to his knees and wept for joy. Peter never said much to the others about this
meeting — what had been said, what had transpired. But after that you’d sometimes see Peter deep in
thought, pensive. Then he would nod his head and traces of a smile would begin to transform his face
into one written with thankfulness and joy and peace. Peter had been whipsawed from his pit of despair
and pulled by the Master into peace. Life had changed for the good. And since then many have found
this same peace, this same smile of wonder at Jesus’ amazing grace. Maybe you too. Jesus had risen —
and Peter never doubted him again. Why should we?
Reverend Heather Atkinson
St James Vicarage
14 Albion Street
New Brighton CH45 9LF Tele: 0151 639 5844


St JAMES CHURCH – Albion St, New Brighton

1st & 3rd Sundays: 8.00am – Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00am – Morning Prayer
2nd & 4th Sundays: 11.00am – Holy Communion
2nd Sunday : 6.30pm – Choral Evensong
28th FEBRUARY (Shrove Tuesday) from 11.00 am – Pancakes & Celtic Worship
1st MARCH (Ash Wednesday) 7.30 pm – Holy Communion
26th MARCH (Mothering Sunday) 11.00 am – Holy Communion
9th APRIL (Palm Sunday) 11.00 am – Holy Communion 6.30 pm – Choral Evensong
14th APRIL GOOD FRIDAY 3pm – Stations of the Cross
7.30pm – J.H. Maunder’s “OLIVET TO CALVARY”
Sacred Cantata sung by the Choir of St James (free entrance)
16th APRIL EASTER DAY 8.00 am – Holy Communion (BCP)
11.00 am – Holy Communion


EMMANUEL CHURCH – Seabank Road, New Brighton

1st & 3rd Sundays: 9.30am – Holy Communion
2nd & 4th Sundays: 9.30am – Morning Prayer (4th Sunday Parade Service)
Every Thursday: 9.30am – Mid-Week Holy Communion
26th MARCH (Mothering Sunday) 9.30 am – Parade Service
9th APRIL (Palm Sunday) 9.30 am – Morning Prayer
13th APRIL (Maundy Thursday) 9.30 am – Holy Communion
16th APRIL EASTER DAY 9.30am – Holy Communion


Reverend Heather Atkinson
St James Vicarage
14 Albion Street
New Brighton
CH45 9LF Tele: 0151 639 5844


0151 639 6004
8 Bernard Avenue, Wallasey CH45 1NH

Quarry Garage, 25 years in business, based just off Seabank Road, provides MOTs, repairs, servicing
and diagnostics on motor vehicles for the local community and beyond. To book your vehicle in, call
0151 639 6004.
The success of their business is due not only to their intimate knowledge of car mechanics, but also to
their personal and welcoming customer care.

Magic Spices

your local curry house

restaurant & take away

Relax in Comfortable Spacious Surroundings
and Enjoy Fresh Quality Food
terms & conditions apply
Tired of having the same thing all the time
not knowing what to try next
then venture into our buffet and sample
the many tastes of India in one evening
£10.95 p.p.
T: 691 1919 BOOKINGS 638 4236


Serving the communities of New Brighton & Wallasey Village

Parish church — St George’s Road, Wallasey Vi115age

Shrine church — Atherton Street, New Br1ghton

Our standard Mass times in the parish are as follows:

Sunday Mass times Weekday Mass times
6pm — Saturday evening Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9.15am (Parish church)
9.30am — Sunday Tuesday 6.45pm (Parish church)
11am — Sunday (inc. Children’s liturgy)  Friday 9.15am (Shrine church)

All are welcome.

To arrange Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals please contact Fr Phil on 0151 606 4362 or e-mail:


Sunday 18th December, IV° Sunday of Advent 

Masses: Sat 6pm, Sunday 9.30am & 11am


Christmas Eve: Saturday 24th December

Vigil Mass of Christmas – 5.30pm (Children’s Mass)

Carol Service – 7.30pm followed by Night Mass – 8pm


Christmas Day: Sunday 25th December

Mass of Christmas Day – 10.30am


St Stephen’s Day: Monday 26th December

Mass at 10am
New Year’s Day: Sunday 1st January 2017

Masses: Sat 6pm, Sunday 9:30am & 11am


Fr Phil, Fr Michael & Sr Jo would like to wish everyone a very happy & holy Christmas.

WIRED opens new Shopmobility hub In New Brighton

wired shopmobilityWIRED have opened a new Shopmobility hub in Marine Park, New Brighton opposite the Morrisons superstore. It is currently opened on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM until 4 PM.

So what is Shopmobility?

Shopmobility is a place where members of the public who are often isolated due to disability, age or frailty can hire mobility equipment to enable them to access the local community and feel they are still part of society.

The equipment available includes electric scooters, powered and manual wheelchairs.

There is an annual membership which entitles you to reduced hire charges for each occasion you use the service.

Staff and volunteers will help you to decide what equipment to hire and ensure that you receive appropriate training to use it safely.

But what if I’m not sure if I could handle an electric scooter?

If you are unsure whether an electric scooter would be suitable for your needs you can hire one on a loan basis to check it out.

So who can use Shopmobility?

Anyone with limited mobility providing they do not have any condition which would impair their ability to safely operate the equipment they are hiring. So whether you have a permanent problem concerning your mobility or have a short term difficulty such as a broken ankle or being pregnant the service is available to you.

What about visitors?

Providing they meet the above criteria, your visitors are welcome to use the service on an ad-hoc basis.

Sometimes even people who own their own mobility aid find it convenient to use our service for example when they have visitors and perhaps don’t have room in their car or perhaps don’t want the hassle of loading and unloading the equipment. In this case they can simply hire the appropriate equipment from us.

So how does it work in New Brighton?

  1. Find a parking spot near Marine Park.
  2. Ring 07729 334445.
  3. Give your details and location.
  4. We bring the scooter to you.
  5. Have a great time.
  6. When finished, ring us and we will collect the scooter from you.

A Deluge of Dustbins

A Deluge of Dustbins

by Canon Roy Lawrence

Recently I attended a meeting at which a representative of the Council explained the new dustbin policy. He was clearly very pleased with it. I have to say I did not share his pleasure.

My mind goes back to the days when every house had a single metal dustbin and all the rubbish went into it. Once a week a dustman came down the drive and collected the bin from wherever we kept it. We thought a lot of our dustmen and regarded them with a mixture of admiration for their muscles and gratitude for the service they gave us. Lonnie Donegan’s song ‘My old man’s a dustman’ reflected all of this. And did you know that one of Charles Dickens’ heroes was a dustman – Noddy Boffin in the novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’, which was subtitled ‘The Golden Dustman.’?

However times change, and the dustbin service changes with them. The old metal bins were replaced with plastic wheelie bins. Householders were expected to push them onto the pavement for collection and emptying. We were happy to do so.

Then dustbins started to multiply. The original green bins were joined by grey bins, each for different types of rubbish, and each with a different collection day. Then a brown bin was added for garden waste. In time we were told this would no longer be a free service. Once again there were different days for different collections and these days changed from time to time.

It was all rather confusing, and now to make it still more so two more bins are to be added, an indoor one and an outdoor one. These will be for food waste, and once again different bins will be emptied on different days and different weeks. It should increase our recycled waste from 40% to 50%. Why am I not happy about it?

  1. The system is already too complicated. In my own estate it is common to see the wrong bin put out on the wrong day with all the complications this involves
  2. The new system will involve not just extra dustbins but extra dustbin lorries, extra staff and extra expense, just when we are told how hard up we are.
  3. Nobody seems to be listening to us. Although the meeting I attended was billed as a consultation, no one seemed to be listening to the many objections.
  4. A recent survey shows that 15 other authorities have tried schemes like the one proposed here, but abandoned them. Can we not learn from them?

There really does seem to be a good case for putting the whole scheme on hold while we all allow ourselves some second thoughts.